Found it! Johann Hari on Addictions and the War on Drugs

It didn’t even occur to me that I could find clips from HBO shows on YouTube when I wrote this article about Johann Hari, addictions, and the war on drugs. Johann debunks the current thinking about addictions, including heroin-use. I had no idea that heroin is used in hospitals (it’s called¬†diamorphine–a form of morphine). I was on morphine for a few days back in 2011, and I didn’t get addicted.. Hmm… -LW

Paris, France Wants to Sue Fox News for False “No-Go Zone” Story, Fox Apologizes

The mayor of Paris, France is suing Fox News for their “No-Go Zone” coverage during their coverage of the Charlie Hebdo situation. Last week, Fox News apologized.

And the White House seems to have an opinion…