Homeless Michigan man becomes internet sensation after filming life on the street

Filmmaker Joseph Costello recently handed a camera to a homeless man in Austin, Texas, allowing him to shoot a firsthand look into the lives of the less fortunate. Documenting the struggles of living life on the streets, the short film provides a rare opportunity to see from the perspective of those who are typically ignored. RT’s Ameera David speaks to Costello and Sandy Shook to learn more.

‘Hug a terrorist’ event brings debate on Middle East conflict to McMaster University

Originally posted on Global News:

TORONTO – A controversial pro-Palestinian campaign was held at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. Thursday aimed at raising awareness of the civilian deaths in Gaza.

The event, called “Hug a Terrorist”, was created by McMaster’s Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) group and is based on a viral video of the same named filmed in Toronto over the summer.

“This event was to bring awareness to the treatment of Palestinian children and how they have been portrayed by the Israeli government and media as ‘terrorists,'” wrote SPHR in a Facebook post. “The word has been carelessly used to justify the murder of over 531 children this past summer as well as the deaths of each child (1 every 3 days) in Gaza and Palestine since the year 2000.”

The latest conflict between Palestine and Israel…

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Ben Fulford on Wednesday’s Ottawa Shooting

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Roundop Alpha: #GlobalArrest of the World Government

It seems that some folks are looking for the Round-op Alpha site. I hadn’t heard of it, before today. The site looks interesting, but there hasn’t been any activity in six months. I would love to see some arrests posted! ;)

Video Description

Ask yourself. How many demonstrations and marches have been organized in the last decade alone? How many of those were actually successful? Assuming that there were any successful initiatives at all. How have these changed anything in society?

After all, the same group of people is still in charge. The same group of people still makes the laws and the same group of people still wages wars. Add to this undeniable fact that most of the people in the world haven’t got the slightest idea where money comes from, how it is created and what the actual value of it is and it becomes clear why corruption, for example, is still prevalent.

It is therefore that a growing group of private individuals, government officials and (non) (for) profit organizations from around the world recognizes that in order to achieve real change real action has to be undertaken.

Enter Round-op Alpha.