Toronto Sun: Paul Hellyer at Alien Cosmic Expo, This Weekend

Paul Hellyer: Made the Toronto Sun today – full page to boot! Follow the link to read the online version here: Here is the link to the Alien cosmic Expo being held this weekend in Brantford.



Square Chemtrail Object (UFO)

The object in this clip was viewed with binoculars. It is metallic and square and looks much like the chemtrail orbs that have been filmed so often – but square. It is first square UFO I have ever seen or filmed. If you see chemplanes or chemtrails – FILM THEM! You are almost certainly going to get something interesting.

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Disclosure About Aliens and UFOs by Canadian Defense Minister

Former Canadian Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer, Discloses the existence of aliens, their technology, and UFOs

Let’s start talking about this. We need disclosure to happen, ASAP.

Dr. Steven Greer’s Movie: Sirius (Trailer)

When they were looking for funding to make this movie, I was ecstatic, until I saw the release date was October 2013. Had it been this year, I would have invested HEAVILY. I still believe that this movie is too little, too late, but I respect Dr. Steven Greer and his work. So many of the things we were expecting to happen this year have not come to pass (yet)…

Here is a taste of what is to come…

Sirius Trailer from Amardeep Kaleka on Vimeo.


UFO entities hover over Arizona

photographer now reports the appearance of three large groups of UFOs on 15 November 2012, hovering around the sky in the hills near Gila Bend, Arizona. The witness managed to take five photographic images, showing ten bright red, rounded-shaped UFOs forming a group in an arrowhead formation.

“I am an outdoor photographer. I shoot the sky all the time so I know what I’m looking at. Most of the time I can identify anything in the sky. But this time, I cannot explain exactly what I saw,” said the eyewitness, whose photographs were uploaded to UFO Sightings Daily on November 16, 2012.

The witness explained that he was at Gila Bend, Arizona, to conduct a sunset photoshoot. “I was concentrating on shooting the sunset. Suddenly, my eye caught a strange object flying over the hills. I turned my Nikon d7000 camera to capture the object. The camera uses a 105mm lens on a tripod, and I managed to shoot five pictures.”

The photographer described how the object was made up of several — about ten– bright red dots, flying around the area, forming a group in an arrowhead formation. Moments later he saw other two groups which just appeared. In one picture, he managed to get the three groups  gathered together, hovering above the hills.

“It is not really close to my location. My estimation is that the objects were about 20 miles away from my position. They were moving erratically. I was having a hard time capturing them, because they were only visible when they lighted up with multiple lights for four to five second at a time. When the light went out, I couldn’t see them clearly,” said the photographer who also mentions that he had to use the long exposure because it was getting dark.

The witness said the objects suddenly disappeared while he was still trying to figure out what the objects were. “The last time I saw them, they appeared to bank out to the west, and instantly disappear from my sight. I am still amazed with what I saw at that time. I even came back to the same location the next day, but failed to see them again.”

Gila Bend, small town founded in 1872, is indeed one of the more popular places for UFO sightings. In the last five years, at least 12 sightings have been reported from the area. Many of them are light rounded shapes like the latest sighting.

Most of the population in Gila Bend, inhabited by about 2,000 people, are proud of this phenomenon. To attract tourists or UFO enthusiasts, many buildings in this small town are decorated with space and other unusual themes.