The Canadian Banking System Exposed

Bill Abrams tells us that one of the major differences between the US and Canadian banking systems is that the Bank of Canada is accountable to the people, under the Bank of Canada Act, 1934. The COMERS case against the Bank of Canada merely seeks to restore what is already Canadian law. -LW

Great overview of Canadian banking and a clear explanation of how the international private banking cartel hijacked Canada in 1974 by taking control of the issuance of money. This private banking cartel has been robbing Canada blind ever since, and has currently put Canadians into over $600 billion dollars of debt, growing at a rate of $7 million per day ($330,000 an hour).

The debt is actually the compound interest accumulated by borrowing this printed money from the private central banking cartel. Canada, like any other country, does NOT need private banks to issue it’s nation’s currency … countries can print their own money interest free.

Transpicuous News Midweek, Feb 4 2015: Crashing Planes, Smoking Documents, Currencies Crashing…. Same ol’ Same ol’

D has a jam-packed rundown of what’s been going on in the global reset that seems to now be in full-force (good and bad). I tried to make the links a little more readable. -LW

As I mentioned on Sunday nights TN Report, if you want to play, if you want to show “them” that you “noticed” and that you want them to take “notice” of you “noticing”…… Send your local, municipal, state/provincial, federal government one of these articles below- they are all about Croatia Writing off the debts of 66,000 of their poorest citizens.

Croatia writes off debts


Michael Tellinger v. The Banks

It feels like a lifetime ago that I started my resistance against the banks in South Africa. So much has been gained and learnt from this valuable process. The most important thing I learned, is that we cannot beat the banks and the legal system, by using the tools that were used to create this corrupt system in the first place. In other words, the courts and the laws they uphold are the same courts that were created to protect the rights of banks and corporations against human being – these are not courts of justice for the people, but simply upholding the rights of corporations.

SO – the only solution is to create a NEW alternative. This is UBUNTU Contributionism – A world without money. One by one the banksters are waking up and realising that they can no longer do their jobs – enslaving the rest of their fellow humans. We have to thank the bankers for playing their role in our awakening – because now we know that the banking and financial economic system we have had for the past several thousand years is not the way ahead for humanity.

Join the UBUNTU Movement and become a seed of consciousness in your community.

Oklahoma Moves Towards the Gold Standard

More changes in-line with restoring the United States to Constitutional Law, and ridding ourselves of fiat money. -LW

There is strong opposition to any proposal to end the Federal Reserve and move away from its paper dollar. The Fed has many ideological and, of course, crony supporters. So it’s interesting that there was little controversy in Oklahoma around removing one of the obstacles to the use of gold as money. Republican Mary Fallin, the governor of the Sooner State, signed into law legislation that recognizes gold and silver as money. There was bipartisan support, particularly in the state Senate.

Oklahoma doesn’t force anyone to accept gold or silver in payment. It simply exempts them from state sales tax. While sales tax on the metals was probably a minimal source of revenue for the government, it was certainly a major competitive disadvantage to bullion dealers. Price sensitive buyers simply shopped out of state.

Utah has a similar law, which also exempts the monetary metals from capital gains taxes, and Arizona has been trying to pass one. Capital gains tax on the metals is a roadblock preventing their circulation. Although the Oklahoma law is more modest, exempting only sales tax, it’s an important step towards the gold standard.

For a hundred years, nearly every law and decree pertaining to gold was bad. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913. President Roosevelt is infamous for confiscating the gold belonging to the people in 1933. President Nixon is reviled for defaulting on the government’s international gold obligations.

It’s encouraging that Oklahoma is joining the trend to right these wrongs. Their new law is no mere tinkering with the sales tax. It’s about gold and silver as money, and the text of the bill states this clearly. Other states are working on gold bills, including Kansas, Texas, and South Carolina.

The gold standard movement is profoundly important. It’s becoming obvious that the dollar system is unsustainable. Debt is rising out of control, and the benefit of additional borrowing has diminishing returns. For example, companies like Cisco and Autozone are borrowing to buy their own shares, but are not investing in growth. Cisco recently announced another big layoff. Millions of job seekers are left out in the cold, and savers are euthanized.

How are people supposed to feel when they’re marginalized? What are they supposed to think about the endless news stories of our so-called recovery? How should they respond to the rising stock market and booming luxury sales?

They resent it.

We are at a crossroads. The road we’ve been taking for decades seems easier, but it’s paved with debt. This way descends to a bad place of central planning and wealth redistribution. Eating the rich, as Thomas Piketty proposes, helps no one and impoverishes everyone. If there’s any doubt, visit with the latest victims of socialism. Not long ago, the people of Venezuela were middle class. Now they are struggling with desperate shortages of basic consumer goods.

The other path is paved with gold. This way leads to a rediscovery of the founding principle of America. We began with absolute respect for individual rights, including property. The gold standard is just the right of property in the area of money. Everyone has a right to choose what to buy, and what money to use to buy it.

For thousands of years people have chosen gold, when they had that right. People will choose it again if we let them. Oklahoma is leading the charge of this growing American—indeed, worldwide—movement. Their new law is a step in the right direction. Congratulations to my friends in Oklahoma. I hope those who live in other states, and all over the world, will also rejoice in this victory.


Landa Global Dinar (IQD) Update

AUGUST 6, 2014
This information is concerning IQD that has been submitted. Although Landa does not work in this particular area, an allocation of some Q of intake has been provided, and we have submitted to the end-buyer.

All dinar submissions are going under contract this week now that the TRN is live commercially (not publicly). Submitters may expect telephone calls through the weekend, and contracts.

TTMs and other forms of engagement and settlement are the province by and between the seller and buyer, and these arrangements are discussed between them only for obvious security reasons.

The delay to contract stage was simply due to the timing of the TRN, and sellers are requested to continue being patient as this massive effort gets underway, and begins to produce the warranted results.

Thank You


Canadian says ‘moral compass’ led him to solve unfair gaming of stock markets by high-frequency traders


Way to go!

Originally posted on Financial Post | Business:

Even though Canadian trader Brad Katsuyama had found the elusive answers to a question that baffled even the most powerful Wall Street investors, he had a tough time, at first, even getting a meeting in the executive offices of one of the top financial firms in the United States.

The Markham, Ont.-native worked in the Manhattan offices of the Royal Bank of Canada, a bit player in Wall Street eyes, and was armed with a degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, not an ivy-league pedigree school.

But after a few minutes with Mr. Katsuyama, it was clear he had cracked the code of the next frontier of finance: how some high-frequency trading firms game the stock-market system to skim profits in a fraction of the time it would take to blink an eye, and how his software could get around this.

“I think at first, when I walk into the office…

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Are You Ready?

Did you follow the advice and diversify into non-government-controlled assets? Or are you still waiting for the day when governments will declare they are broke, and help themselves to your 401(k), IRA, or RRSP?

It happened in Cyprus, last April, and many governments have made allowances for similar “hair cuts” in their 2013/2014 budgets.

Game Theory And The Unfixable Fiscal Situation