The Karen Hudes Operation

Now this is interesting… Karen Hudes caught my attention a few months ago when she was suggesting that people learn to use Bitcoin, as a way to get through any interruptions caused by a much anticipated reset of the global central banking system. Since then, Bitcoin has been infiltrated by corporations. Adnan Sakli passed away, and Karen made no mention of it. Since Adnan’s passing, she has been talking about Wolfgang Struck as being the signatory for what she calls the global debt facility.

Since I started this blog, just about everybody who has been a source of information has been discredited by other “truthers”. Karen Hudes is no different, as this linked article clearly illustrates.

REALIST NEWS – Lindsey Williams – Elite Emergency Data September 2013 Latest Info

“The financial collapse will happen after the Affordable Healthcare Bill is fully-implemented”

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ObamaCare is NOT a health care bill.

The health care bill is the final straw. The one thing that will bring about complete control.

The elite must have total control before they can bring about a collapse to the financial system.

Originally, ObamaCare was to be implemented in January 2014. President Obummer changed this to 2015 because not enough debt has been incurred by the 99% to please the 1%.

They want more people on welfare, more people dependent on the government, before the collapse will happen.

If you have a house mortgage, the US Federal Reserve probably owns your house.

June 19th, 2013 – (test) Ben Bernanke stated “we might withdraw a little bit on the $85 Billion (QE)”

June 20th-22nd, 2013 – A test of collapsing the world’s banks took place. A week later, the global derivatives market suffered a $300 trillion loss. The US Federal Reserve lost $150 billion in bond values during this time.

Get out of paper. If you’re under 50, you’ll never see your retirement funds. Pay-off your house. Store food, water, and firearms (+ammo)

Get ready for the greatest buying opportunity of a lifetime. When the dust settles, you’ll be able to buy anything you want for pennies on the dollar.


  • Get out of the city. Purchase everything that you need, before January 1st, 2014.
  • The collapse of the American dollar is only a few months away…
  • Pay attention to China, not Iraq or Iran…
  • George H.W. Bush (Mr. NWO) was the ambassador to China during the Ronald Reagan administration. The Chinese army alone is greater than the entire population of the United States.
  • China is on the verge of collapse. Entire cities were built and remain empty. A typical apartment costs 45x the average worker’s income. 20 million people still live in caves.
  • 40% of all healthcare workers are expected to leave their profession by January 1st, 2014.
  • If you want/need medical aid, go to Tijuana, Mexico. (Make plans)
  • Wall Street Journal: Jeff Schmidt, June 12th, 2013: “As of January 1st, 2014, healthcare will cost a family $2,320/month.”

Ready, Set, *RESET!*

(Thanks, Ciaran!)

U.S. options trading halted due to systems glitch

NEW YORK, Sept 16 (Reuters) – At least four major U.S. options exchanges halted trading in early afternoon on Monday due to system issues at the centralized Options Price Reporting Authority.

The OPRA is a computer system that disseminates options price quotes and completed trades from the exchanges and distributes these to market data vendors.

Nasdaq OMX PHLX Miami Options Exchange, CBOE Holdings and C2 electronic exchange were all halted.



CBOE confirms trading restored after glitch

Published: Monday, 16 Sep 2013 | 2:11 PM ET

Trading was restored in options at the CBOE and New York Stock Exchange after an earlier glitch halted trading. At least four major U.S. options exchanges reported problems in the early afternoon on Monday due to system issues.

Options trading was halted on all the major U.S. exchanges at 1:40pm ET because of an apparent quote dissemination problem related to OPRA, a so-called utility for the industry operated by the 11 major exchanges.

Between 12:30 ET and 1:40 ET, inaccurate quotes were being sent to vendors like online brokerages. OPRA stands for the Options Price Reporting Authority and is run jointly by the CBOE, AMEX, ARCA, BATS, BX, BSE, C2, ISE, MIAX, Nasdaq and PHLX.

Nasdaq said it was working to restore trading as of 2:10.

The NYSE explained that there was a processing error at SIAC, which it owns. The cause of the outage was being investigated. SIAC operates OPRA, but the underlying technology is not owned by the NYSE.

“All of a sudden my P&L went to zero and then I noticed that all the options prices went to zero,” said Jon Najarian, co-founder of “Then word went out officially at 1:40 that trading was halted. There were probably minutes there that people were looking at quotes that were absolutely wrong.”

At 1:57 ET quotes started updating again from most exchanges for major stocks like Apple. The CBOE sent a message alert to traders that the linkage issue to OPRA had been resolved. Other exchanges have sent messages saying that quotes on their exchanges will start operating normally.

The options halt is the second major glitch impacting securities prices in the last month.

U.S. securities regulators said they were monitoring the situation.

Disclosure About Aliens and UFOs by Canadian Defense Minister

Former Canadian Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer, Discloses the existence of aliens, their technology, and UFOs

Let’s start talking about this. We need disclosure to happen, ASAP.

Alex Jones and David Icke – Anti Bilderberg fringe festival 2013, Watford, UK 08/06/2013

Alex Jones delivers a passionate talk accusing the Bilderberg group of poisoning our water and food in order to spread disease and reduce human population. David Icke talks about the need for a peaceful non co-operative campaign against the Bildebergs and the powers that be. Thousands of protesters took part in the anti Bildeberg meeting this weekend. In this video protesters are naming various members of the Bildeberg group, give details of the group’s activities, agendas and future plans. People worldwide are outraged by the fact that the Bildeberg meetings are held it complete secrecy without any main stream media coverage.

His Poofness, May 19, 2013

Victory is here!…..Beyond a shadow of doubt!

Are we there yet!…..Yes!

My “Missouri Hat” has been pulled down pretty tight recently not from disbelief in our mission, more a matter of when. Well, I have now raised my “Missouri Hat” a bit and here’s what I see….an emergency meeting of the G-7 finance ministers going on in Europe……IRS seems to be having a meltdown……many global currencies have revalued showing up in Europe. As positive change abounds for the masses it appears the PTB have become deathly ill. Their arrogance was unbelievable, those folks in circles that believe in their ‘right’ to lord it over everybody else who couldn’t see the truth when it was right at the end of their noses. Games over, the planet is not yours, to do as you wish. “What goes around comes around” or as the folks in the East say: “Karma is a bitch.”

This type of public forum restricts what I can say but here are a few facts you may find interesting as we are now enter the “final countdown”; ….internal banking system ready to switch over officially with announcements “check”……people are in place around the world to begin wealth redistribution “check”…..increased security in banks “check”……RV rates locked in “check”…..the countdown progresses very quickly and smoothly. Unprecedented events are about to unfold, that will shock the world and especially americans. The meaning of true freedom will be one of them. The work is done and it’s all over but the shouting. A harvest for the world is at hand.

As I’ve said before…..True independence is coming to a town near you. It’ll start small, then become huge. One foot in front of the other, walk into the future and don’t look back, or you’ll get turned into a pillar of salt…lololol. ‘It’s all over but the shoutin’ , don’t know the exact ‘moment’ it all flips on it’s head but it’s close enough to smell. Be well and take care of yourselves, be good to one another.

This has been Poofness, over and out. Broadcasting from a “time and space beyond!”

Love and kisses,

From the office of Poofness

Karen Hudes: Compliance of the World Bank on the global securities markets

From: Karen Hudes
Date: Sat, May 11, 2013 at 4:41 PM
Subject: Fwd: Compliance of the World Bank on the global securities markets
To:Pete Santilli

Dear Pete,

I wanted to give you a heads’ up for Monday morning’s show. I am scheduled for 11:30 am.

The foremost gold expert, Jim Sinclair, has warned investors to bail from the markets because of an imminent meltdown in the gold markets. Sinclair wrote, “The fever of activity by monetary authorities internationally would indicate that some financial flood gate is straining.” I believe it is my case, which has received next to no publicity, that is roiling the markets. The US Courts are ignoring the settlement of my bondholder lawsuit by the 188 Ministers of Finance on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF. I warned Justice Roberts about “a clear fork in the road for the United States: rule of law and the transatlantic alliance or corruption and the ascendency of China.

The authorities (see attached email to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Congress, the Chairman of the World Bank/IMF Development Committee, the Dean of the World Bank Board of Executive Directors, the European Central Bank) are nervous about the volatility of gold, and the risk that people who hold gold will not sell it because they lose trust in paper money. This is called a permanent backwardation. I have told the authorities that I am returning to my desk in the World Bank’s Legal Department to end the cover-up of corruption. The Chief Justices of the State Supreme Courts and the UK Parliament know that the Judicial Conference of the United States has opposed 188 Ministers of Finance. This lawlessness is threatening to lower the US credit rating.

My intention is not to stir the pot, but to reassure your listeners that everyone, including the financial institutions that own the Federal Reserve, are now ready for the rule of law, because I believe that they are. I will let you know Monday afternoon after the program what happened.



Law Offices of Karen Hudes

The Pete Santilli Show — Live Daily Broadcast Mon-Sat 11am – 2pm PST
Live Daily Broadcast Mon-Sat 11am – 2pm PST

Further Reading

  • World Bank gave inaccurate financial statements Washington DC
  • Uwe Uehle Karen Hudes World Bank whistleblower has been busy:

    I submitted this statement today to the UK Parliament Commons Select Public Administration Committee in response to their inquiry into complaints handling.

    Written evidence submitted by Karen Hudes

    Written evidence submitted by Karen Hudes on Complaints: do they make a difference?
    • permitting corruption to remain unaddressed is not an option

    1. When government departments and public organisations are not held to account, irreversible harm may occur that cannot be put right. The high cost of permitting financial weakness to be concealed by poor accounting and auditing practices has been amply demonstrated. My complaints to the World Bank’s oversight agencies, including the UK’s Executive Director, Governor, Ambassador in Washington, Serious Fraud Office (SFO), the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, the International Organization of Securities Commissions, the United States National Advisory Council for International Monetary and Financial Policies, Fitch Ratings, Moodys, and Standard and Poors have fallen upon deaf ears. Failure to correct the internal control lapses and corruption that I have reported is about to result in a state of permanent backwardation in the gold markets, interrupt the financing of world trade except through barter, and plunge the world into a depression from which recovery is unlikely.

    2. As a World Bank bondholder, on September 28, 2010, I informed the SFO of material omissions in the accuracy of the World Bank’s financial reporting due to the World Bank’s internal control lapses and KPMG’s failure to follow Generally Accepted Auditing Standards. I provided the SFO a chronology of such lapses, which included a Letter from Jean-Louis Rioda, Acting Head of the European Community’s Anti-Fraud Office: “I hereby acknowledge receipt of your correspondence received on 18/05/2010 in which you provide OLAF with information regarding ‘the impaired ethics and legal functions in the World Bank'”.

    3. The World Bank’s Audit Committee requested an audit of the World Bank’s internal controls over financial reporting. The auditor may form an opinion on the effectiveness of internal control over financial reporting only when there have been no restrictions on the scope of the auditor’s work. KPMG itself imposed such restrictions on its own audit team. A scope limitation requires the auditor to disclaim an opinion or withdraw from the engagement. KPMG’s unqualified opinion prevented bondholders from requiring mitigating measures to correct corporate governance irregularities and improve the quality of the World Bank’s financial reporting.

    4. The SFO called the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 10 October 2010, but the SEC only stonewalled. On 29th March, 2012 the Economic Affairs Committee of the UK House of Lords recommended that funding to the World Bank should be reduced “while a more detailed re-evaluation is carried out.”

    5. On 24th July, 2012 I followed up with the FSA, under reference number PC159743/ISS10622211. I have repeatedly reminded the FSA and the UK Parliament that the World Bank receives funding from UK taxpayers and bondholders and is subject to oversight by Parliament and the FSA. Instead, both Parliament and the FSA have abdicated their responsibility to ensure that the World Bank’s financial information to bondholders is correct.

    6. The House of Commons International Development Committee and the House of Commons Public Administration Committee published my testimony that the World Bank was already in contempt of an 8th April, 2005 letter [1] from the Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress to the World Bank inquiring whether “the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors always is in possession of accurate and timely data on the Bank’s accounting and financial position.”
    Written Evidence for the inquiry into The work of the Independent Commission for Aid Impact, published July 7, 2012 available here:
    Written Evidence for the inquiry into Public engagement in policy making, published November 2, 2012 available here:

    7. In June, 2012 I recommended a simple admonishment: “The UK Parliament’s Select International Development Committee [and the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Control] share[s] the Joint Economic Committee’s goal “that the Board of Directors and the public are being presented with accurate and timely financial information and that any accounting irregularities are promptly discovered, disclosed and corrected….Under the World Bank’s COSO framework, it is also necessary to determine whether the World Bank’s internal control system has the necessary critical underpinnings.”

    8. Today’s dire circumstances call for immediate and forceful intervention in the hope that time still remains.

    [1] (Poor ) online copy :