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Banish Tyranny

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How Loans and Credit Cards Really Work – by White Rabbit

Not to be construed as legal advice in any way shape or form. For entertainment and educational purposes only. El Spaniardo is a stage name and Spaniard is merely playing his part. Please check all information for yourself. Check definitions of ‘security’ ‘promissory note’ ‘negotiable instrument’ ‘cash’ and check Lord Denning. Please see the video presentation – what lies behind your credit for key definitions and sources.

Redefining Success in the New Paradigm

Many of us are still adjusting to this new paradigm of DO’ing and BE’ing. In the old paradigm, our corporate governments defined success in terms of dollars. In light of Absolute Data, we are now waking up to the fact that this was a measurement of energy. Trapped energy, at that (ie. gold and/or human capital). As we move towards the free energy technologies that are in our future, perhaps we should reconsider our definition of success.

One definition that resonates with me is the achievement of self-actualization. When you feel that you are able to DO and BE all that you wish to be (without harming another), then you have achieved self-actualization. You have achieved success.

The Truth about Meteor over Chelyabinsk

What did We See over Chelyabinsk? I am Greeting you with Love, My Friends! Unusual event, today we have seen over Chelyabinsk. We have been living on the earth for a long time, but we never seen anything like that before, such as falling meteorites. Of course, for clarification, I turned to my highest aspects, and I asked to find the most true information about what truly happened yesterday. So what happened? It turns out that it was something tremendous. We can say that Planet Earth was saved from disaster, once again. Now, the following information. As We know, a Huge asteroid was Approaching to Planet Earth. I do not know how, our scientists named it. But in the Spiritual World, the name for it is “Ushsh.” As we know, the orbit of the asteroid passed close to Earth. And the events that are now on earth, such as raising the vibration of consciousness, preparing for ascension, some of unfriendly civilizations really do not like it. And the forces of unfriendly Civilizations, developed a brilliant plan how to end this quickly. Three Space Ships, two of Them are Powerful space cruisers and a Smaller one consort, was Hiding near the asteroid. Those space cruisers and a consort to Belong Gishshya Civilization, from Orion, from Planet Dannsha, reptilian Race. The plan was simple and brilliant. At a time when the asteroid would approach the Earth, they would change its orbit and send it to collision course with Earth. For a few minutes, it would not be possible to change the situation. And on Earth Would happen a Catastrophe of Global Scale. However, not Everything They Went as Planned. Theirs ships were detected by boundary ships of Ashtar-Sheren. Three ships of Light Forces, an Arcturian Shashet cruiser-28, a small border ship Shash-3, and Pleiadian small ship Sshyuyusha-7. Tried to negotiate with them, and not show the door to unwelcomed guests from space of planet Earth. In response to peaceful negotiate, Reptilians opened fire to defeat. As following result a cosmic battle ensued, that was not in a space of Planet Earth long ago. As me know, there are no winners In such slaughterhouses. As a result, five ships were shot down. Were there Falling Debris of Them, Which We SAW over Urals in Russia (Chelyabinsk over untold and Other Cities). All Three Ships of Unfriendly Gishshya Were Destroyed. Unfortunately, the two ships and of Light Forces too, cruiser Shashet-28, Pleiadian ship Sshyuyusha-seven were shot down.Only a badly damaged Shash-three survived. So, on february 15, Our Beloved Brothers and Sisters Star, Gave up precious Their Lives for the umpteenth time, to Save Planet Earth and Humanity. On Behalf of Humanity, I expressed condolences to Their Relatives. Our condolences were accepted, and even with rejoice that we have grown up. The rain was held on 15 th Febryary over Urals. I Want to Send My Love to All Friendly Civilizations of Light, and I Hope That you Will Join in this impulse. With Love! Stanislav Moskalenko. 02/15/13


My New Year’s Eve Experience

For New Year’s Eve, I attended David Hickey’s Crystal Journey and listened to the Sounds of the Solar System. Opening for David was Juno Award-winner Errol Starr Francis.

Before the show started, David spoke briefly about all of the changes we have seen in 2012, leading into what the future holds, including the currency of love (no more fiat money). And it starts with us. David & Errol will be doing their part by continuing to play music and spreading the love vibration.

Last night’s performance was just incredible, as always. I took the opportunity to work on a few meditations and creative visualizations. For these meditations, I connected to the Om Crystal, under Mount Shasta, which was the last of the Atlantean Crystals to be activated. I have felt a very strong connection to this crystal, ever since it was activated on June 21st (details). I also connected my energy to Gaia, the sun, the galactic sun, and the central sun. This enabled me to use my body as a conduit for the wonderful, planetary energy. I was able to direct the energy into the entire Atlantean crystal grid, thereby electrifying and energizing Gaia, which includes the land, seas, and atmosphere.

As I the energy was flowing through me, I invited Archangel Michael to attend, since any ritual honouring our solar system also honours him. David’s gongs are individually tuned to each of the planets, including Nibiru. He also has a collection of large crystal bowls, which sing like you simply cannot imagine (unless you’ve heard them before). The crystal bowls have wonderful healing powers.

As Michael came to listen, my entire body was tingling, mostly from the energy that I was transferring from the small church where David was playing to earth’s atmosphere and the Atlantean crystal grid. I envisioned the land, seas, and air being filled with vibrations of health, love, and abundance. Every living being on the planet received several blessing last night.

During David’s second set, I also invited Archangels Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel to attend, along with their friends. I also invited Metatron and Saint Germain. There presence was honoured in the highest way I can possibly imagine from this plane of existence, with the harmonious sounds of our entire solar system, and lots of love.

At the end of the evening, I was astounded when David revealed that while he was playing, he felt that he **was** the Universe, something that he had never experienced, before.

During the intermission, David informed us that Crystal Journey has been requested to play at Gregg Braden’s next conference, in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Even better, David will be playing there on my birthday. So, guess who is going to the TAO Wellness Center in February? (Whee!)

In closing, each of you should be aware that Archangel Michael and I performed blessings for each and every one of you on this planet, last night. As David says, 2013 is the year of Unlimited Possibilities. The Summer of Love was reincarnated in 2012, and the love vibration is not only still going strong, it is gaining momentum!

Things we can do to show people that the Golden Age is really here…

  • Smile! – All cultures and all languages understand that a smile means you are happy.
  • Build your community with like-minded individuals – These days, it could be your next-door neighbour or an FB friend from around the world.
  • Follow your heart and trust in the All that Is.

Happy New Year, each and every one of you. May 2013 be the year you meet with all of your heart’s desires.