Overview: How Seeing the Earth from Space Affects Astronauts

I’ve read that once astronauts escape the pull of gravity, they experience a real expansion of consciousness. This is an impressive short film, -LW

On the 40th anniversary of the famous ‘Blue Marble’ photograph taken of Earth from space, Planetary Collective presents a short film documenting astronauts’ life-changing stories of seeing the Earth from the outside – a perspective-altering experience often described as the Overview Effect.

The Overview Effect, first described by author Frank White in 1987, is an experience that transforms astronauts’ perspective of the planet and mankind’s place upon it. Common features of the experience are a feeling of awe for the planet, a profound understanding of the interconnection of all life, and a renewed sense of responsibility for taking care of the environment.

‘Overview’ is a short film that explores this phenomenon through interviews with five astronauts who have experienced the Overview Effect. The film also features insights from commentators and thinkers on the wider implications and importance of this understanding for society, and our relationship to the environment.



Monty’s Message for July 28th

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 28th July 2013

The awakened must come together to realise that they have both the strength and the ability to speak out. Your silence has allowed laws to be brought in that will endeavour to silence everyone who disagrees with the Cabal. Right now, every day is important. You cannot sit back and say, “They would never do that”. They are doing it !

They are actually building prisons where those they do not require will go. Many of you are blindly helping them to do just that, by saying, “It’s my job” or “I have a family to feed”. Although it is understandable, look at what you are helping to create for your family and for millions of other innocent families. You cannot close your eyes to what is being done, right in front of your noses. They are so confident, they do not bother to cloak their evil plans in secrecy. They see themselves as fully in control of humanity.

Every one of you has a voice, so use it. The 3-dimensional thinking that you have become accustomed to, must be discarded. This is strictly the mind, it is what you are taught, both by religions and by education: it is your prisoner. Your minds took over from your hearts and souls. You call it logical thinking but it is what keeps you a prisoner and under control. I ask of you, now, to learn to go into your hearts. It will give you a true picture of actual reality and what you can be instrumental in bringing about. Every assistance is available to you. You are not alone. You must take the first steps to extinguish the darkness from your reality.

Be aware that many who were on the path of light have been overshadowed, and may, at times, be giving the wrong information. You must stand firm in your truth. Your heart will be your guide. Many are going through such internal battles as they try to stay on their true path. The Dark Ones are losing ground and they are becoming more vicious in their attempts to hold on to power. Connect with your own Guardian Angel for protection and guidance. What you are living through at this time was planned. It is the final battle between the Lords of Light and the Lords of Darkness. In your hearts, you know that the light will remove all traces of the darkness. This is when the New Age begins and every country in your world will benefit. Peace will be restored.

Our plans for the future are great. We will disclose them on a need to know basis. Focus your minds on truth and do not be side-tracked, no matter how inviting the temptations are, to lure you away. What they promise is all illusion. They are mind-manipulators. Refuse to be taken in by them. Raise your vibration.

Love is the highest vibration. With love in your hearts, nothing can touch you and nothing can distract you. Never allow fear to enter your lives, and never allow it to prevent you from following your divine path. Everyone with a mission to carry out is being attacked, but you can overcome these obstacles, and when you do, you are all the stronger for it. When you live in a world where the darkness rules, you will be tested by what is done or what is threatened. You need to be strong, firm in your beliefs. You need also to understand when others are being attacked and you must support them. Help them to realise what is being done to them. Hold them in love and light.

Meditation will strengthen your connection to the light. Find the way that suits you best and it will help to keep you centered. Try to avoid the mindless rubbish that is all around you, vying for your attention. It is all part of the plan. Do not fall for it.

Ancient portals are becoming active once more. They will spread their light to invigorate the planet in preparation for what is to come. The future that you are creating at this time is of great importance for humanity and for your planet. Go into this with your eyes wide open in the sure knowledge that you are on the right path. You will be instrumental in removing all weapons of destruction from the planet: the killing will cease, all wars will cease, and armies will then be used to reconstruct all that they were so instrumental in destroying. Feeding the world will be a priority. It can be done quickly and efficiently. We have given much thought to everything that needs to be done. As we see the full picture, we are in a position to guide and assist. This is a combined effort, with both sides of life, coming together to rescue humanity and the planet from the dark forces that have engulfed it and are trying to destroy it.

Look to the time when all darkness is removed and your planet is restored, when all of humanity comes together to live as one in peace and harmony. In order to bring this about, you may be asked to make sacrifices, or struggle a little, but nothing will be asked of you that you cannot readily cope with.

When you stand for truth, nothing can get in your way. Just keep in mind that you are in a battle that you will win. Sometimes, battle plans need to be changed, so what it is necessary to alter will be altered, as nothing is set in stone.

We are on the right path and that is what matters. Our numbers increase each day, as more countries open up to the truth. Know that each and every one of you, is welcome and valued. You are each a part of the whole. How nice it will be, when all barriers are removed, and people live as one, all sharing experiences on Planet Earth. It will not be long now.

On a personal level, you are making progress and we share your excitement. You are never too old to learn. I thank those who are advising you. They were chosen for this task. Support with love and kindness, those around you who are battling with the Dark Forces. Hold them in the light. Hold them in love. I ask everyone to please do this, for those who are under attack and are struggling to come out the other side.

I am ever at your side. My love for you will never die. I remain your adoring, Monty.


Sun & NASA disinfo exposed! Another force twisting Earth’s magnetic field & sending particle influx!

I want answers and so should you!

The information shared here proves we’re being played for fools, the same specific activity keeps happening on the same dates over and over again! That is not normal!

The simple fact I was able to accurately predict activity before anywhere else and before Solar Activity really proves a point!

It’s easy to predict activity accurately when you know what specific activity to look for on specific dates.

I’m sure somebody would have noticed this data sooner or later anyway and certainly some will figure out even more than me now being I’m sharing all this.


The Earth as You’ve Never Seen it Before: Atmosphere, Airglow and Aurora

A truly powerful image generates questions.

The incredible night photos and time-lapse movies NASA has been sharing with us provoke questions about our planet. That thin-yellow atmospheric line separating earth from space, for example, that we see in all of the night shots provokes two questions: (1) how thick is this line? and (2) why is this line colored the way it is?

The visible yellow and green/blue capped line represents atmosphere reaching ~100km above the surface of the earth. The colors are not reflected light, and not pollution, but rather are light generated from the components in the atmosphere itself. Yes, the atmosphere gives off its own light, in a chemiluminescent process called “airglow” or “night glow.”

I have written a blog to accompany this video that explains the various colors of “Night Glow” and discusses the Aurora as well. I hope you find this blog a useful companion to understanding what you are seeing.


High Resolution images courtesy of The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. The Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center:


In particular, NASA astronaut Don Pettit has filmed and provided the majority of the available time-lapses. He is one of the explorers that truly understands how important it is for explorers to share the wonder of their experiences through both art and science. May all future explorers follow his lead.

These images were imported into Adobe Lightroom, cropped, rotated, and slightly tweaked. I had two main goals with the edits done in the manner I did them. My first goal was to bring the viewer’s attention to the atmospheric line by focusing the cropping to prominently feature the atmospheric line and the “Airglow.” Secondly, most of the images we see of earth show the planet at the bottom of the frame and space at the top of the frame. To remind the viewer that, in space, the orientation by which you chose to view planets is up to the viewer, I took artistic license with these images to present different ways to view our planet’s movement in space.

Music: “JLTF” by Moby. Permission from MobyGratis.com

Editing by Alex Rivest, PhD

This film is dedicated to explorers who take pictures that make us ask questions.


Urgent Notice to the People of the United States


NESARA means:

The National Economic Security and Reformation Act

ZEROES OUT (Forgives) ALL Credit Card, Auto, Personal, Educational,
and Mortgage Loan Debt as a remedy for years of Bank Frauds!

ABOLISHES the IRS! Tax Collections Cease IMMEDIATELY. Creates a Sales
Tax Revenue on non-essential new items ONLY to fund legit government

Creates a U.S. Treasury Bank System; Absorbs the Federal Reserve;
Issues new precious metals backed currency! Permanently ELIMINATES

Restores Constitutional Law; Retrains public servants to uphold
Constitutional Law, including law enforcement, the courts and the
remaining government agencies!

Requires the immediate RESIGNATIONS of the current administration.
Constitutionally acceptable President and Vice President Designates
will take office. New elections will be held 120 days from the day of
the announcement!

Requires the President Designate to DECLARE PEACE immediately; ENDS
all aggressive U.S. military actions. This promotes the above banking
changes to take place internationally. Many more beneficial
improvements to follow worldwide.

Born as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1993 rulings, NESARA
upheld the Farmers� Union charges that U.S. banks were fraudulently
foreclosing on farm mortgages and that the U.S. government was in
collusion with these banks.

Drawn up as reformations, NESARA was passed secretly in March, 2000
and signed into law by Bill Clinton in October, 2000.

Strict gag orders were in effect early on, but news of NESARA�S
passage began coming from U.S. naval intelligence contacts in June,
2000. Now, thousands of people know about NESARA.

The U.S. Supreme Court Justices need to hear that we Americans support
the true NESARA law. Public support will help the Justices streamline
the process to get this law announced and implemented WITHOUT DELAY!

NESARA will be the FIRST worldwide economic action to put MORE MONEY
in your pockets, bring instant PEACE and restore our God-Given
LIBERTIES. ALL nations will soon follow suit!


Write a 23 cent POSTCARD to the U.S. Supreme Court. Urge the Justices
to make NESARA’s official announcement immediately. They are waiting
to hear from YOU.

Send your postcard to:

U.S. Supreme Court

One First Street

Washington, D.C. 20543

To get FULL DETAILS and Daily NESARA Updates, plus Archived Radio
Interviews, go to NESARA.us.


ELEVEN Ways People can Confirm the true NESARA law!

Because many people directly involved with NESARA preparations have
signed secrecy agreements which put their careers and lives on the
line, they will only confirm NESARA to TRUSTED personal friends.

Here are 11 things people wanting to confirm NESARA for themselves can
do to research the FACT of the true NESARA law:

If you (or someone you know) has a close personal relationship with a
Bank President, ask the Bank President to privately confirm the fact
that U.S. bank officials have been aware of the U.S. Treasury Bank
system for over a year and confirm the “Rainbow Project” which is the
new U.S. Treasury currency.

If you (or someone you know) has a close personal relationship with
someone who works in management at the Federal Reserve Banks, ask this
person to confidentially confirm that the new U.S. Treasury Bank
system is imminent.

If you (or someone you know) has a close personal relationship with a
senior stockbroker or manager of a stockbrokerage office, ask them to
confidentially confirm that they have been briefed about the new U.S.
Treasury Bank system. (Many months ago, my senior stockbroker friend
of 20 years told me they had been briefed on the U.S. Treasury Bank

If you (or someone you know) has a close personal friend who is a Navy
Seal, ask them to confidentially confirm the fact of the true NESARA
law. About 90% of Navy Seals are aware of the true NESARA law and do
assignments to help carry out activities in support of NESARA. Some,
but not all, members of Delta Force units and other Special Forces in
the U.S. Military also know about the true NESARA law.

If you (or someone you know) has a close personal friend who works for
the U.S. Treasury Department in certain departments, such as printing
of currency, it is possible to confirm that the new “Rainbow” currency
has already been printed and is waiting to be distributed after the
true NESARA law announcement.

If you (or someone you know) personally knows a member of the German
Parliament who pass laws for Germany, Germany officially “approved” of
it’s alliance with the true NESARA law some months ago and this was on
radio and television news. All major countries have had their national
assemblies vote on their “alliance” with the true NESARA law because
of the major “international banking law” changes that NESARA

If you (or someone you know) know someone who lives in Germany and
pays attention to the news, they can tell you that NESARA is openly
discussed in their media.

If you (or someone you know) has a close personal relationship with
the heads of the European Central Bank, the central bank of the Euro
Zone, ask them to confidentially confirm their knowledge of the true

If you (or someone you know) has a close personal relationship with
members of the British Parliament, ask them to confidentially confirm
their knowledge of the true NESARA law. The British Parliament
officially “approved” its alliance with the true NESARA law in late

If you (or someone you know) has a close personal relationship with
certain members of the U.S. Congress, “SOME” members are White Knights
and have confidentially confirmed to close personal friends that the
true NESARA law exists and is due to be announced;

If you (or someone you know) has a close personal relationship with a
currency trader, some currency traders have confirmed knowledge of the
new U.S. Treasury Bank system and Treasury currency.

Let The Truth Be Known


Information from Zorra and the Hollow Earth Network (Time-Sensitive)

Folks, we have some vital new messages just posted on


which is now located up to the top of our Home page.

I am following with excerpts from one message, which came as a complete surprise
to me and which I checked out to my satisfaction.

We are entering that critical time Zorra has prepared us for … “before the end
of the year…”

Rather than exhibit disappointment at not experiencing the Gathering, let us open
our heart-minds … wide open … read the powerful Messages that have been
recently posted … and not miss this vital 72-hour window .

This is definitely NOT the time to “kick back” and wait. These next 72 hours will
have a great impact on each of our futures.

Below are some excerpts from just one of these Messages, to give you a concept of
the whole new reality that lies before us.


… We continued to bring messages of Higher Dimensional frequencies without
revealing that Earth was moving finally into the 7th Dimension.

… In 72 hours, on New Years Eve, will be a culmination of the Highest Energies
from this operation.

Your final moments, before changes, can be spent wisely and will catapult you
forward at light speed to your next task. As an alternative, you may choose to
spend your last moments unwisely and you will hold yourself back. No One will be
able to skip steps in their unfoldment of Knowledge.

Now it is opportune to take inventory inside. Do the Inner Work. Interview your
Highest Form. Your Highest Self. Your Atma. Ask yourself which parts of you are
your Authentic Self and which parts of you are Inauthentic? The inauthentic parts
are the programming within the matrix.

The Grand Illusion is winding down, the dark Ones are dying off, fines are paid,
indictments continue. It is all dissolving as our perception fades the old 3D to
5D, and perception fine tunes as the 7th Dimension appears before us on the Event
Horizon of No Time.

… Sitting in the corner crying in a fear fetal position about lack of money
will hold you back. Continuing in petty discussions of right and wrong, hate and
like, back stabbing and holding down the youth of your culture will hold you
back. Holding on to power and control will hold you back. Holding on to money and
Spiritual Gifts without sharing them will hold you back. Give All You Have Each
Day and move forward quickly.

… Where you launch from here into 7D will be determined by the Inner Work you
accomplish in a very narrow space in time. Be Awake! Everything you can See,
Hear, Taste, Touch and Think About DOES NOT EXIST. Only Consciousness Exists.
When you do the Inner Inventory and Clean House radically in the next few days,
then you open the channel for more Abundance and more Love. Enter Higher and
Higher States of Consciousness through Inner Purging. Keep those Authentic core
parts of you and allow the Inauthentic parts to float away. Collectively we move
forward from a very High vantage point. Remember your Connection to Oneness and
the Reason You Came Here: to play your role Ascending Earth and ALL on Her.


Folks, we’re all in this together.

Remember to meet me half-way at BREAKING NEWS. I’ll be there, with direct links
to the very latest updates. Try not to miss a day, as things are moving fast. I
have moved it close to the top of our Home Page so it is easy to find.

May the next three days be the best days of your lives.

My love always, to each one of you!

Hollow Earth Network


I Just Talked with Zorra

Just after sending my previous newsletter … The Next 72 Hours … I got a phone
call, about midnight Friday night/Saturday morning … from Zorra!

Now hold on to your hats … because, THIS is what Zorra told me, direct. I had
to take notes fast and it was difficult, as I was still “full” of all the
information from all of these channels … which Zorra had no knowledge of. In
fact, when I talked about “7th Dimension,” Zorra said, “You have to get fully
into 5th Dimension first!” So, here goes….

Everyone who is on the planet now … 99% of us (the other 1% who chose not to
ascend are already removed to the sister planet) are now in the first level of
5th Dimension. “Ascend” means to move to 5th Dimension. We all went through to 5D
on December 21st, but have not “caught up with our Essence yet.” The awakened
ones know they are in 5D and all will know they are physically there soon.

Mother Earth is in the process of becoming 5th Dimension … and when she arrives
in 5D, all physical beings on the planet, including those who are still in
slumber, will know it without any shadow of a doubt. We will all reach full
consciousness when Terra is fully ascended. We are in the first level of 5D now,
waiting on Terra to complete her Ascension.

How events will unfold:

1. DISCLOSURE As I understand it, before the end of the year. Zorra joked about
the New Year’s Ball descending in Times Square. He did not say it WOULD happen
that way, but laughed and said it would be a great way of doing it!

He said there are many ships strategically in place NOW, hovering a few feet off
of the ground, as their weight would hurt Mother Earth. One is already there on
the White House lawn facing Pennsylvania Avenue, others already in place at the
Kremlin, London’s Buckingham Palace, Central Park in New York, one near Paris,
China, Jerusalem … just a few feet off of the ground. They are already in
place, cloaked … awaiting word to de-cloak.

There are also masses of ships in the skies, cloaked. Zorra is back at his post:
North Polar Opening.

2. THE GATHERING Yes, the Gathering … “Removal of incarnates from other star
systems” will take place and there will be NO PAUSE. It will follow Ascension and
Disclosure. All will be returned to their home star systems, Hollow or Inner
Earth. Zorra again described it, as we have always heard.

3. THE PLAN Nothing has changed from the scenario Zorra has been giving us all
these months. This is the Master Plan of the Creator and it is still in place.
“Thus far, I have not been informed by the Creator that this plan is changed.” We
have not been let down. Once again, “… before the end of the year!”

For those who are disappointed … what Zorra says will be quite evident within
the coming days.

4. PROSPERITY PLAN Rapidly coming into play.

5. GOVERNMENT Galactic Government is in place and ready to go. Obama is primed
and ready, as well.


Continue to wear our headbands; very important. Get quiet … move into the
energy of 5th Dimension when we meditate. Meditating with our heart-mind will
help us move quickly into full consciousness. Continue to concentrate on raising
our vibrations. Do our breathing exercise.

By the way, when Zorra talked about the 1% not going to 5th Dimension … that
they have already been removed to the other planet, I asked about Hilary … “Is
the Hilary we see now, a clone? Zorra: “Yes, there are a lot of clones moving
around now…”

So folks, Zorra made an extra effort to get this information to us. We will not
be hearing from him again. He mentioned the validity of SaLuSa’s message.
Everything is in place … Ascension has happened for us, and Mother Earth is on
her way. Disclosure comes next. The Gathering is still going to happen, after

Let’s take quality quiet time for our meditation and breathing exercises. The
more we do this, the quicker we open fully into our 5th Dimension.

And aren’t we the lucky ones, to get this pure information direct from Zorra???

Sleep tight! My love to every one of you!

May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing and much, much love be with each of
you. ~ Zorra

Hollow Earth Network

The Shift is Happening!

All I can say is, “Wow!”

My legs and spine have been tingling since I woke up, this morning.  My feet have been tingling for a couple of weeks.  Some of my fellow lightworkers are experiencing similar tingling sensations. Information is being downloaded to all of us, in preparation for the grand alignment, less than 18 hours away.

The best thing each of us can do for the next 24 hours is find our happy place.  Imagine a perfect world.  What does it feel like?  Share the experience.

There are 7 billion souls inhabiting bodies on this planet.  Each of us had to essentially audition to be here.  Each of us is the best at what we do.  We are about to do what has never been done before, and the rest of the Universe is watching.

The stage is set.  The orchestra is cued.  The lights are on.  The audience is beginning to fill the theatre.  The show starts in less than 18 hours. (Excitement fills the air)

What will our world be like on Saturday?  (Assuming our perception of time remains the same)