This is a guest post from my good friend, Renee Guidelli, over at Heart-Centered Living of New York. Enjoy! -LW

Rainbow peace

The Message: We begin with the energy of this month; the old adage of March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb is more like February coming in like a lion and going out like an even bigger lion. The intensity and challenges that one is feeling these days are not entirely their own. It is a cesspool of mud, muck, hatred, fear and loathing of many moons, many generations and many “pod-like” substances that are not our own anymore. These pod-like substances makes it  feel  like someone else’s “ooze” has got a hold on you and you can’t shake it. *I hear the song “Something’s got a hold on me” along with” Something’s happening here-what it is ain’t exactly clear. Stop, Look around, everyone what is going down”*What is this something that has a hold on us, again; I ask is it ours? Is it theirs? Does it even exist? Or is it made-up like the boogey man that haunts us from the closet, or underneath the bed? Is this something that we can shake? And how do we do so?

Peace Pull

The Vision I am being shown a storm-where there is a whirlwind of energy-going round, and round, and round, and yet there we are-right in the middle of it, the eye of the storm if you will. Centered. Calm. Confident and Clear. If you look through that storm, that whirlwind-you can make out the tail of where it begins and where it ends. You take the tail and you grab it holding strong to what you know, holding strong to your beliefs, gaining your footing, gaining your control. You are controlling that storm. It is I –I am the storm and the storm is me. You whip that storm around you like a whip in a cowboy rodeo and you hurl that storm up into the sky to be transmuted, transformed and yet even DE-Formed (as in de-constructed, Dismembered). For where there is one thing, something else comes about. You walk out of that space where that storm was-you look around you as the world is still, you see clearer, you HEAR clearer; you hear everything as if that storm just produced some special ear drops that cleared the gunk out of them. You smell strongly, deeply, with your whole being. YOU ARE WHOLE ONCE AGAIN. That storm is a million miles away threatening to rain on someone else’s parade. But not yours, and yet there is a part of you that wants to really make sure it does not rain on some one else’s parade. Even if you don’t know that person, you still know the harm, the damage and the destruction that storm can create.

The “We” Wish: So you search your heart, you feel the love, and the wholeness of who you are in that moment and you put a wish, even a prayer out to the universe asking that “We all weather the storm, asking that we all take control of our own personal storms and upheaval.” There you are standing in your truth, standing hand and hand with countless others seen and unseen-knowing that THY WILL BE DONE. For as above so below; we so easily forget about the choir of angels who celebrate when we take control of our storms, when we weather, or sail through them. And then you hear them. This beautiful, melodic sound that calls to you from the heavens to take you home to yourself.

Hands with world

The Call to Action: I am asking that in these up and coming weeks, to be aware of the storms in your life. Where do they arise? And what can you do about them? While these storms are being mentioned here metaphorically, these are happening all around the world physically as well. What we do to ourselves, we do to each other, and what we do to each other, we do to our Earth Mother. This is a cry, a plea of help, not only for ourselves but for our Earth. Our Earth Mother loves us so much and it hurts us all.

Say a prayer at night, tuck your little ones in and your own little one (inside of you) and ask that we your guides, we your teachers, we who love you with every fiber of our being keep a watch over you, will guide you through the storm, will calm the seas when they get rocky, will get you to where you need to go from point A to point B.

Do not underestimate the incredible power of unconditional love my sweets, for you are all experiencing it in one shape or another, through your dreams at night to your interactions with complete strangers during the day. Look for it in the eyes, the gentle gesture of the man waving you to cross the street, the woman at the checkout counter who complements your hair or your jewellery. The very way that you feel when you are spoken to by a child, a child who is closer to heaven than you could even imagine; a child that ultimately is heaven. This and more you will understand as you learn greater things about yourself and the world that you live in.

Yes, we understand there is fear and sadness, grief and depression. That is all part of the shift, all part of the many ways that you are being shown how much you are loved, and how to be receptive to that love. For we have told you once, and we will continue to tell you, that you are never, ever, ever alone, no matter how gray, or dark, or small you may feel. You simply are not any of those things-they are just fragments of a body and mind that truly no longer exists in the 5th dimension. As you continue on this journey, with upgrades, and transmissions, and healing into wholeness-that is what we are talking about here-wholeness my sweets. As you continue into that “remembrance” you will be faced with choices, choices of third dimensional reactionary fear-based actions-or steps moving you up the ladder of ascension. THE LADDER OF ASCENSION is being let down from above to lift you up. What you choose is entirely up to you. The days of allowing others to choose your destiny and fate are over. You are in control; you are the master of your destiny. As you become one with all of who you are, as you become one global, beating, loving, magnificent heart, you will continue to weather the storms together, beautifully, gracefully, and exponentially.

Prepare for the storm my sweets for after the storm comes the rainbow, the rainbow of bliss, the rainbow of love, and the rainbow of divine high. The heaven that you are all creating here without your knowing is nigh, it is within your reach. Weather the storm by yourselves, and know that what will be will be, but weather the storm with help, and truly you will know love like no other. Weather the storm with help, and we will come to you like a flock of seagulls, waiting your request, beckoning your call; choose to weather the storm with us and we will show up like a ship in the night searching for the lighthouse. We are the ship, and we are the lighthouse, the lighthouse that YOU have been waiting for-but mostly praying for. Choose the light house and you choose us, choose us and you choose love. And that my sweets is exactly what this journey is all about. Storms, Ships, Clouds and All. And in the end, we choose (chose) love.

We are your friends on the other side.


Are We There Yet? | The Forgotten Promise

Food for thought . . . -LW

We’ve all been getting a little impatient, haven’t we? We want to “be there”….arrive at our destination…that destination being the 5th dimension, right? It feels as if we’ve been at this for a very long time; our patience is getting thin, our hearts are heavy with the sadness of looking at the atrocities taking place out there . Our bodies feel fatigued, our lives are in disarray as we tend to one crisis and then another. Relationships are strained, finances are tight, health issues are showing up and we sometimes wonder if anything positive is ever going to happen. Where is this 5th dimension…this “new earth” that we were promised? And why are we still seeing so many people deep in their unconscious state- totally oblivious to what is happening around them….how is that even possible?

Let’s look at it. From where I am sitting it appears the world is splitting apart. Growing even larger is the gulf between those who are ready to move into a world of unity consciousness and those who are still needing to experience a state of separation. The decision to stay in a world of duality or move into a higher state is one made on a soul level- it is based on your actual vibration. You have to be in tune with it first….in other words, you need to have come into the awareness of who you are- awakened enough to see the world around you for the illusion it is and then put forth the conscious effort to move beyond it. This movement into the higher dimensions is not something that just happens to you….you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. No, it is a conscious decision you make to change your mind about what you have perceived and believed to be your reality up to this point. It is work.

We live in a world of illusion. This is a holographic universe and we are projecting our thoughts and beliefs onto the screen of our shared mind. We are playing in creation. At some point, we- the aspect of the Creator that is considered you and that aspect of the Creator that is experiencing itself as me, decided to have an experience of “otherness”….separation. We thought it sounded interesting and we wanted to see what would come of a world that was cut off from Source. Well, now we know. Chaos, pain, unbelievable atrocities perpetrated upon one another and the total destruction of our beautiful mother earth. Clearly we are not meant to live in a state of total autonomy. All of our pain and suffering comes from the state of separation we have imposed upon ourselves.

Those who are choosing to not remember who they are at this time are not to be judged for needing or wanting more time to experience a third dimensional world. Take solace in the fact that those souls will continue their journey on a third dimensional plane that is not a world of enslavement. The prison planet of earth is going away and will not be returning.

So we are like little children kicking the back of our parent’s seat as we whine, “Are we almost there?” You know this answer, yes? It is not a destination. We are going nowhere….if anything, we are returning to ourselves. But in truth, even that doesn’t capture the truth of what is occurring.  We are choosing to forgive (let go of) this game we brought into being and bring about a world of peace and love. Compassion is what is called for at this time- great compassion for those still needing the experience of duality. Compassion for those still playing the games of a 3rd dimensional planet of separation. And compassion for ourselves as we muddle along this slippery slope. We are the ones holding the light of truth causing the illusionary world to fall away. It is our dedication to the truth that will bring about our arrival to that elusive destination we have conceptualized as the 5th dimension.

We assist those still caught up in the illusion by remembering the truth for them- by seeing the truth of who they are- even though they have forgotten it. We allow them- those who are, in truth, our “otherselves” to have their own experience. Being part of oneness, the best thing we can do for humanity is to raise our own vibration.

We made this world. We need not stay in it any longer than we want. It can be transformed in the single beat of your heart. ACIM says the end of this world will not come through its destruction, but through a change in our perception. And so it will, but we must be willing to surrender the world as we have known it. It takes trust. If you thought awakening was going to be a beautiful stroll into the sunset, you will find you have been mistaken. Your world is going to crumble- all that does not serve your highest good will fall away and/or be transformed. You need to be committed to this journey and want it more than anything else, but know that this journey is inevitable. You will take it- you must take it….your only choice is when.

I will leave you with this thought:

“Enlightenment is a destructive process. It
has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the
crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the
complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”
― Adyashanti


Is the Sun Really Dead?

BP, over at Starship Earth brought my attention to this recent synopsis of NASA’s satellite images of the Sun.

Global Announcements

Buried in the comments was this little gem:

“The last negotiations stall was over on the 11th, the sequence was started. Then, as of around midnight, we are in the ‘T’eed’ position. We’ve held that position for the last five hours. The big show, will commence at any time any hour. There will be a global announcement. Not sure if its trumpets, voice commands or what the ‘GA’ shows up as, but that occurs. Those sleeping, hear a tone or bell that wakes them as in wakes them to stand out of their body. We are pulled out of our bodies, and make the leap forward. Earth Emits us. The translation renews, and when we reach our destination, which appears to be a city directly parked in front of us in this port, we are all free. HA! It will be “Happy Independence Day”

Note that the announcements referenced above have to do with our “Earth Exit” which many of us would probably call “Ascension.” If you’ve been following the YellowRoseForTexas videos, this should make sense to you. If not, I recommend viewing the following:

The Lie NASA Told
The Destruction of the Papal Key

Exiting Earth

When the day comes, it seems that the first order of business is to put Earth back on its proper axis, perpendicular to its orbit. Rose says it will happen in the early dawn hours. The electricity will be off. The Earth needs to be propped back up, in order to disrupt the EMF shield that surrounds the Earth. At this time, will will rejoin our family Arcs.

I’m kind of scratching my head on this one, because it’s obviously not dawn all over the planet at the same time, and the video claims they can evacuate all of Earth in about 10 minutes. So, unless they’re planning on making it daylight everywhere, this has me baffled. (Probably a minor detail).

9th Wave – Saint Germaine’s World Trust

St. Germain set up a world trust back in the 18th Century. Each one of us is part of that trust. We are wealthy beyond belief. To access our God-given inheritance, we must first wake up. That’s what is happening in this 9th wave.

Welcome to 2013

As you may have noticed, I published several channelings and predictions from various sources in the last few days of 2012. This blog has been “All About 2012” and those items were part of the year that was.

I have no intention of publishing any more channelings or predictions, especially predictions of what 2013 holds in store. One of the last channelings from Archangel Michael in 2012 addressed the disappointment that many of us felt on December 22nd, with no big fanfare on the 21st. In that channeling, Michael clearly indicated that 2012 wasn’t over yet, and that many of the changes we have been hoping for would be forthcoming by year-end.

Today is January 2nd, 2013. It is 9:30AM EST, which means it’s almost January 3rd in Tokyo and Melbourne. Where are the announcements? What is the holdup? Is it still the Dragon Family, worried about coddling all the sheep into their new reality, to prevent upsetting them, while those of us who are awake and prepared to usher in the Golden Age exhaust our financial resources, and continue on this roller coaster ride of endless delays? Frankly, it seems the Dragon Family holds the lightworkers of the world in pretty low regard, if they even believe in ascension to begin with.

Many of the rumoured prosperity packages and currency revaluations were designed to give lightworkers continued financial resources to sustain themselves and fund their own humanitarian projects. Where are they? Every day, I see (not only) lightworkers falling into financial hardship. Lightworkers came here to help, not to be martyrs.

Remember Sheldon Nidle’s timeline for 2012? Remember all the channelers were saying it was all going to happen in May? Then June? Then July? etc.

In his book, “The Open Source Everything Manifesto”, author Robert Steele says that we have reached the tipping point for maximum incompetence. I am inclined to agree.

I am not saying that nothing happened on December 21st, because I felt it. I know we are in a new place, a new state of being. If you want to call it ascension, fine. We have ascended. The problem is that most of us still don’t know it. The changes are very visible, at times, like on New Year’s Eve, when many enlightened souls were gathered together to bring in the new year.

People’s attitudes are slowly changing. So slow, in fact, that most don’t even realize that changes are happening. These changes are also happening to our dietary needs, as we move from our carbon-based bodies and return to our crystalline bodies. Many of us are finding that our old food cravings no longer bring us satisfaction. Those of us who are more in-tune with our bodies have begun a more vegan-like diet (silicone-based) and given up red meat and sugar (carbon-based). I don’t know if we’ll see it in our lifetime, but eventually, we will return to being able to metabolize light, and no longer view plants and animals as foods sources.

For those of us on the path of Ascension, why would anyone want to put the vibration of a dead animal in their own body, anyway? More cabal programming, to keep us in the lower vibrations, perhaps?

Today is the day that I have drawn in the sand for all of the stuff we were told was going to happen in 2012. The announcements, the prosperity packages, the currency revaluations, etc. If we don’t have some solid monetary news by 4:00 EST, I am recommending that the lightworkers go on strike, to get the attention of the Dragon Family and whoever else is involved in all of these delays.

There are too many trusting souls spreading rumours about all of these things, and it is doing visible harm. I suggest the Dragon Family get their act together and form an alliance with the lightworkers. The longer this drags out, the less energy the lightworkers are going to have to give when this all finally materializes. As lightworkers, we are being drained of our energy, every single time a deadline is missed.

So, again, I am suggesting that the lightworkers quit playing the game. Anybody who gives you a date/time or deadline for when any of this will happen, cut them off.

Here’s the thing… Time, as we knew it, is part of the old paradigm. In his book, The Starseed Transmissions, Ken Carey compares the universe to a set of pendulum balls. Since the Big Bang, the universe has been expanding. In recent years, scientists have noticed that the universe is slowing down, which would account for the phenomenon of our perception of time speeding up. According to The Starseed Transmissions, December 21st marked the day when the universe stopped expanding, and began contracting. In that instant, the dominant energy changed from masculine to feminine.

Dates/times & deadlines are all part of the masculine energy. What does it mean? Well, we have shifted from “making things happen” to “letting things happen”. If 2012 wasn’t an exercise in demonstrating how useless dates/time and deadlines have become, then what was it? Somehow, we’ve got to get to a place where we all feel that “the time is right” for all of this to happen, and that includes the Dragon Family and whoever else is responsible for all of these delays.

2012 is over. 2013 is here. The markets have re-opened. Please, don’t give any more of your energy to anybody who offers you a deadline for any of the 2012 changes. They are of the old paradigm, and you will more than likely be disappointed. The only announcement I want to hear is that the changes are in-place, and the time is NOW.

Matthew’s Message, December 29, 2012

December 29, 2012

December 21st reactions, actual effects; beliefs create reality; aftermath of darkness, clearing away “debris”; expectations; God in charge of ET arrival; information sources; ascension smoother from now on; soul and science, same energy


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. December 21st, the date long awaited with excitement and musing about what would occur, has come and gone.

Individual experiences that day were as personal and unique as each soul itself is. Nevertheless, the majority of sensations felt by lightworkers can be described as moments of heightened spiritual attunement for some; a sense of peacefulness and well being for others; and disheartenment for those who expected to see momentous changes.  Except for the “doomsday” concept followers, the general reaction of the rest of Earth’s population who gave any thought at all to the Mayan calendar was, I knew nothing out of the ordinary would happen.

Our beloved Earth family, something absolutely out of the ordinary didhappen! Everyone in your world would rejoice with us if they knew that the powerful energy that was anchored on Earth during the solstice illuminated many millions of souls.  They include those who have no knowledge of Earth’s ascension or are in the “fence-straddler” ranks or have been edging toward dark ways.  Albeit unknowingly, all of them have intensified in the collective consciousness the desire and determination to right the wrongs in your world. 

You cannot see this from our perspective, of course, but you will be seeing the effects of that massive infusion of love-light energy.  More than ever before, people around the world are deeply feeling compassion for those who are in shock and grief after mass or random shootings or are fighting and dying for freedom from tyranny or are homeless and hungry.   

Always there have been individuals who stepped up to assist others in whatever ways they could.  What is new is, the Oneness of All that is known at soul level is rising into the consciousness, where a sense of connection with all who are suffering is gently emerging. 

The recent in-pouring of light created a unified soul-level intention to end violence in your world and uplift the lot of the impoverished masses.  As thoughts and actions in line with this intention coalesce into the collective belief that this can be done, firm strides will be taken to achieve it.

You know that in the continuum this is fait accompli. But most of Earth’s peoples have been in varying degrees of third density’s conscious awareness, and at that level possibilities are confined to third density senses, capabilities and what has been taught.    

Their heartfelt longing for a world of peace and goodness is real, but the limitations of their beliefs created doubts that it ever could become a reality. It is not widely known that the universal law that belief creates reality affects each and every person’s life, so it is understandable that before now the belief ingrained in most of your civilization was that the multitude of abhorrent situations in your world is far too formidable to be remedied. Now, soul level knowingness is moving thoughts from “it is impossible” to “maybe it is possible— let’s try!”

Earth is passing through the celestial window where the last few wisps of third density are so feeble that they’re barely perceptible alongside the brighter, stronger first wisps of fourth density, where darkness cannot enter. While all light beings are jubilant about this glorious accomplishment, which is unprecedented in universal history, it doesn’t mean that suddenly Earth will be transformed into a paradise.   

Just as a violent storm leaves death and destruction in its wake, so too does darkness.  But a storm lasts only hours and it doesn’t strike worldwide.  Darkness has controlled life on Earth for millennia, and the state of your world today is the aftermath of ages-long devastation wrought by darkness. It left in its wake the damage it has caused to the planet and the influence it had on many minds.

We know that some of you think that clearing away the debris left by darkness can come only after our universal family is on site. As much as they want to bring their technology and work alongside you, even the possibility of such assistance is not strongly registered in the collective consciousness. The positive aspect in this case is that souls on the planet are, and others very soon will be, taking the initiative to change what needs to be changed.

Please do not overlook the changes that have been happening for some time. A great deal of deception and corruption has been exposed and in several countries the citizens have risen up to throw off the yoke of oppression. Where elected governments are failing to meet the needs of the citizens, growing grassroots movements are forcing change. People hard hit by tattered economies have developed ingenious ways not only to cope with hardships, but surmount them. 

It is true that extraterrestrials living among you have helped in these achievements, but please give yourselves credit for your part.  Your godly actions and steadfastness in the light have been indispensable contributions! The power of your prayers, visualizations of a radiant Earth, sharing with those who are needy, and supporting organizations involved in environmental preservation and other worthy efforts is inestimable!  

Indeed a great deal more has to be done, and as endeavors continue and the momentum of the light becomes swifter and wider spread, you shall see plans and intentions coming to fruition. Resistance and belligerence will evolve into negotiations, cooperation and unity of spirit as your new year unfolds in consonance with your desire to live in peace and in harmony with Nature.

There will be “fits and starts” along the way, trial and error and missteps, but rather than deter forward movement, those will strengthen the collective resolve to stay the course toward creating the peaceful, healthy, beautiful world you want. 

More of your universal family members will be joining you, to be sure, but it is your world and you are in charge.  While some lightworkers are or soon will be in leadership positions, most of you are way-showers for the awakening souls and those who haven’t yet reached that point, and simply living the light you are is enough. 

The prevailing vibrations, which are at levels that haven’t been on the planet for eons, have correspondingly raised your vibratory rates, and the light of your very essence is beaming with greater forcefulness than ever before.  This beneficially affects the thoughts and feelings of people whose lives you touch and flows on out to help transmute into light the remnants of negativity wherever they are. 

Your radiance will uplift your kindred spirits who became disheartened because their expectations on December 21st were not met. That is, world situations didn’t vastly improve that day.

Let us speak about expectations.  We come back to the universal law that belief creates reality and we add that the law has a provision: The belief must be realistic within its environment. 

For instance, someone may believe that even though he sees a speeding train only yards away, he can safely cross the tracks.  He can’t, not in an environment like Earth’s, where the collective consciousness doesn’t include the belief that danger can be averted by dematerialization or translocation. So those are neither a reality nor a capability in your world.   

It is the same with those unmet expectations on December 21st.  The vast majority of your populace only now is starting to believe that making your world a better place may be possible. Profound changes occurring throughout your world on any specific day is not in their belief system, therefore not strongly in the collective conscious, andthe collective consciousness is the creative force of a civilization. So expecting major changes worldwide on any given day is not realistic within Earth’s environment. 

As for the beliefs of “doomsday” individuals, those were way “out of sync,” and not only with the collective consciousness.  The belief that the planet would self-destruct or be destroyed is the exact opposite of Gaia’s vision of a Golden Age for her planetary body and all of its life forms, and God is honoring her desire.

That is why in previous messages we could state with assurance that the day preceding December 21st would be much like that day itself and so would the following day. In jest, we mentioned that there would be no “ribbon-cutting ceremony” when Earth reached the beginning of fourth density, which was known to be around that date, linearly speaking. [September 9, 2011: As Earth ascends through the “last” wafting energy streamers of third density, which comingle with the “first” streamers of fourth, you won’t notice a dynamic difference from one day to the next.  There will be no ribbon-cutting ceremony, so to say.]    

There is an additional element to the effects of the collective consciousness on a civilization regarding the arrival of our family from other worlds. You have been eagerly awaiting the landing of spacecrafts and meeting members who are living among you.

However, not only isn’t your excitement about that shared by the vast majority of your society, but the actuality of “aliens” coming to help or already living on the planet isn’t in their belief systems. Furthermore, for the most part, their ideas about extraterrestrials are the monstrous beings invading Earth as depicted in films.   

As we mentioned in previous messages, the highest universal council formerly was responsible for arrival and introduction timing and now God is in charge. God relieved the council of the heavy responsibility of deciding when Earth’s peoples are psychologically ready to see spacecrafts landing in numbers and to greet unusual looking beings. God will say GO! when the meeting can be with welcoming, not fear, and He is just as eager for that joyous occasion as are all of us who know it is coming.

God’s taking the helm in this is a change from what we reported in earlier messages.  Changes happen at the peak of the universe just as they do in your lives!  So it is not that we give you misleading information and later have to retract it—we tell you what is known at the time of our messages, and if later a significant change is made, we report that.  

Some of you have asked where we get our information. Some is our soul level knowledge that has emerged through self-discovery, or remembering, and it can be most aptly and succinctly described as “universal knowledge.”  We have no more knowledge than does any other soul; simply, through evolving spiritually and consciously, we have had more opportunities to remember what is in that storehouse of knowledge than lesser evolved souls have had.

Our information about what’s happening with Earth and on Earth comes from a number of sources, and when the information from several is in the same ballpark, so to say, we confidently share it with you.   

One source is God, who told us what we just stated regarding when He will tell the council to notify fleet commanders GO!  The council is another source, and so is our good friend Hatonn, who is an intergalactic fleet commander and director of communications between Earth and the rest of the universe.  We also are in contact with individuals in Nirvana who monitor activities on Earth and with civilizations that are so far evolved spiritually, intellectually and technologically that even at this station they seem magical. 

We have access to the Akashic records, the mass consciousness of the universe and the collective consciousness of Earth, and we know what is in Earth’s energy field of potential.  It is in that field where possibilities become probabilities and probabilities become certainties, depending upon the amount of energy your collective thoughts, feelings and actions put into a particular potential happening. 

Now then, Earth’s passage from now on will be smoother than during the past several months, when natural changes in planetary alignment were causing strong energy surges in your solar system. While those surges gave Earth the leaps forward she needed to reach the gateway to fourth density, many of you experienced disconcerting physical, emotional or mental anomalies as your bodies kept adjusting to increasingly higher vibrations.

Henceforth, the combination of crystalline cellular structure and the intensifying light along Earth’s ascension course will enable your bodies to stay on a more even keel.  And you will be able to handle with equanimity, self-confidence and innate wisdom whatever situations arise.  

With few exceptions, your scientists see light in the context of astrophysics and technology, and religions see love as the province of the soul. It will become known that the light of science and the love of the soul are one and the same energy, and it is the most powerful force in the cosmos.  Now that this energy is flowing more abundantly in your world than at any time since Gaia and her planetary body were created in God’s perfection, the wounds of her residents and of Earth herself can be healed. 

Enter your year 2013 knowing that lighted beings throughout this universe are, as ever before and evermore, your unseen supporters and assistants. What rejoicing there will be when you can feel the same unconditional love for us that we feel for you!



Suzanne Ward


Information from Zorra and the Hollow Earth Network (Time-Sensitive)

Folks, we have some vital new messages just posted on


which is now located up to the top of our Home page.

I am following with excerpts from one message, which came as a complete surprise
to me and which I checked out to my satisfaction.

We are entering that critical time Zorra has prepared us for … “before the end
of the year…”

Rather than exhibit disappointment at not experiencing the Gathering, let us open
our heart-minds … wide open … read the powerful Messages that have been
recently posted … and not miss this vital 72-hour window .

This is definitely NOT the time to “kick back” and wait. These next 72 hours will
have a great impact on each of our futures.

Below are some excerpts from just one of these Messages, to give you a concept of
the whole new reality that lies before us.


… We continued to bring messages of Higher Dimensional frequencies without
revealing that Earth was moving finally into the 7th Dimension.

… In 72 hours, on New Years Eve, will be a culmination of the Highest Energies
from this operation.

Your final moments, before changes, can be spent wisely and will catapult you
forward at light speed to your next task. As an alternative, you may choose to
spend your last moments unwisely and you will hold yourself back. No One will be
able to skip steps in their unfoldment of Knowledge.

Now it is opportune to take inventory inside. Do the Inner Work. Interview your
Highest Form. Your Highest Self. Your Atma. Ask yourself which parts of you are
your Authentic Self and which parts of you are Inauthentic? The inauthentic parts
are the programming within the matrix.

The Grand Illusion is winding down, the dark Ones are dying off, fines are paid,
indictments continue. It is all dissolving as our perception fades the old 3D to
5D, and perception fine tunes as the 7th Dimension appears before us on the Event
Horizon of No Time.

… Sitting in the corner crying in a fear fetal position about lack of money
will hold you back. Continuing in petty discussions of right and wrong, hate and
like, back stabbing and holding down the youth of your culture will hold you
back. Holding on to power and control will hold you back. Holding on to money and
Spiritual Gifts without sharing them will hold you back. Give All You Have Each
Day and move forward quickly.

… Where you launch from here into 7D will be determined by the Inner Work you
accomplish in a very narrow space in time. Be Awake! Everything you can See,
Hear, Taste, Touch and Think About DOES NOT EXIST. Only Consciousness Exists.
When you do the Inner Inventory and Clean House radically in the next few days,
then you open the channel for more Abundance and more Love. Enter Higher and
Higher States of Consciousness through Inner Purging. Keep those Authentic core
parts of you and allow the Inauthentic parts to float away. Collectively we move
forward from a very High vantage point. Remember your Connection to Oneness and
the Reason You Came Here: to play your role Ascending Earth and ALL on Her.


Folks, we’re all in this together.

Remember to meet me half-way at BREAKING NEWS. I’ll be there, with direct links
to the very latest updates. Try not to miss a day, as things are moving fast. I
have moved it close to the top of our Home Page so it is easy to find.

May the next three days be the best days of your lives.

My love always, to each one of you!

Hollow Earth Network


I Just Talked with Zorra

Just after sending my previous newsletter … The Next 72 Hours … I got a phone
call, about midnight Friday night/Saturday morning … from Zorra!

Now hold on to your hats … because, THIS is what Zorra told me, direct. I had
to take notes fast and it was difficult, as I was still “full” of all the
information from all of these channels … which Zorra had no knowledge of. In
fact, when I talked about “7th Dimension,” Zorra said, “You have to get fully
into 5th Dimension first!” So, here goes….

Everyone who is on the planet now … 99% of us (the other 1% who chose not to
ascend are already removed to the sister planet) are now in the first level of
5th Dimension. “Ascend” means to move to 5th Dimension. We all went through to 5D
on December 21st, but have not “caught up with our Essence yet.” The awakened
ones know they are in 5D and all will know they are physically there soon.

Mother Earth is in the process of becoming 5th Dimension … and when she arrives
in 5D, all physical beings on the planet, including those who are still in
slumber, will know it without any shadow of a doubt. We will all reach full
consciousness when Terra is fully ascended. We are in the first level of 5D now,
waiting on Terra to complete her Ascension.

How events will unfold:

1. DISCLOSURE As I understand it, before the end of the year. Zorra joked about
the New Year’s Ball descending in Times Square. He did not say it WOULD happen
that way, but laughed and said it would be a great way of doing it!

He said there are many ships strategically in place NOW, hovering a few feet off
of the ground, as their weight would hurt Mother Earth. One is already there on
the White House lawn facing Pennsylvania Avenue, others already in place at the
Kremlin, London’s Buckingham Palace, Central Park in New York, one near Paris,
China, Jerusalem … just a few feet off of the ground. They are already in
place, cloaked … awaiting word to de-cloak.

There are also masses of ships in the skies, cloaked. Zorra is back at his post:
North Polar Opening.

2. THE GATHERING Yes, the Gathering … “Removal of incarnates from other star
systems” will take place and there will be NO PAUSE. It will follow Ascension and
Disclosure. All will be returned to their home star systems, Hollow or Inner
Earth. Zorra again described it, as we have always heard.

3. THE PLAN Nothing has changed from the scenario Zorra has been giving us all
these months. This is the Master Plan of the Creator and it is still in place.
“Thus far, I have not been informed by the Creator that this plan is changed.” We
have not been let down. Once again, “… before the end of the year!”

For those who are disappointed … what Zorra says will be quite evident within
the coming days.

4. PROSPERITY PLAN Rapidly coming into play.

5. GOVERNMENT Galactic Government is in place and ready to go. Obama is primed
and ready, as well.


Continue to wear our headbands; very important. Get quiet … move into the
energy of 5th Dimension when we meditate. Meditating with our heart-mind will
help us move quickly into full consciousness. Continue to concentrate on raising
our vibrations. Do our breathing exercise.

By the way, when Zorra talked about the 1% not going to 5th Dimension … that
they have already been removed to the other planet, I asked about Hilary … “Is
the Hilary we see now, a clone? Zorra: “Yes, there are a lot of clones moving
around now…”

So folks, Zorra made an extra effort to get this information to us. We will not
be hearing from him again. He mentioned the validity of SaLuSa’s message.
Everything is in place … Ascension has happened for us, and Mother Earth is on
her way. Disclosure comes next. The Gathering is still going to happen, after

Let’s take quality quiet time for our meditation and breathing exercises. The
more we do this, the quicker we open fully into our 5th Dimension.

And aren’t we the lucky ones, to get this pure information direct from Zorra???

Sleep tight! My love to every one of you!

May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing and much, much love be with each of
you. ~ Zorra

Hollow Earth Network