Road trip from the U.K. to NYC? Russia proposes intercontinental highway

Light Worker 29501:

Make it a high-speed train, and we’ll really be on to something!

Originally posted on Global News:

TORONTO — It’ll be a long ride, so pack some snacks — Russia is proposing a transportation network to link Moscow to North America that would go through Canada.

The narrowest span between Siberia and Alaska, crossing the Bering Sea, is just 82 kilometres wide. The plan would have the road passing through Edmonton, Alta.

With the completion of the proposed Trans-Eurasian Belt Development, a series of existing and to-be-built roads, railways, and tunnels could theoretically connect London to New York City.

READ MORE: Two more mysterious giant craters appear in Siberia

Vladimir Yakunin, Russian Railways president and Vladimir Putin pal, said the development could create new cities and spur industry. In a presentation to the Russian Academy of Science he called the development an “an inter-state, inter-civilization, project.”

It’s a lofty goal, with Russia spanning 10,000 kilometres from east to west, through often-punishing terrain. While a specific cost was not placed on the project, Yakunin admitted it would be massively expensive.

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Guaranteed Minimum Income

Have you ever wondered what’s going to happen when robots and computers are doing the work that your parents and grandparents did to earn a living? If not, you should because the job market is rapidly shrinking as more and more companies are replacing people with technology.

This is the main reason there are a growing number of debates about the importance of having a guaranteed minimum income for everybody.

In this episode of P2P Connects Us, there is a great discussion about exactly this..



How can the United States people take back their country?

Here’s an excellent game plan for restoring the Republic of the united States of America -LW

Take a printed copy of the original Constitution of 1787 – to your elected representatives and demand they honor it by declaring the “Crown’s” 1871 constitution null and void for violation of the original “Constitution for the United States of America” – which you have a copy in hand. The Crown’s constitution is unconstitutional.

Then launch a class action lawsuit against the Crown for $trillions – the amount of the national debt plus what the Federal Reserve (agents of the Crown) stole from you and laundered to the Crown under the bank bailout fraud scheme.

Insist Congress abolish the Crown’s Federal Reserve and its counterfeit notes for violation of law – 12 USC § 341 Federal Reserve Act Section 4 § 4 Second ~ To have succession after the approval of this Act until dissolved by Act of Congress or until forfeiture of franchise for violation of law.

The Federal Reserve (a subordinate of the Vatican – money laundering and other illegal schemes to hide the Vatican’s illicit wealth) has already been found guilty of violation of law by the United States Congress and its franchise has been forfeited for violation of law.

The non-partisan, investigative arm of Congress, the Government Accountability Office, investigated the Federal Reserve and determined that the Federal Reserve violated U.S. criminal laws by providing conflict of interest waivers to employees and private contractors so they could keep investments in the same financial institutions and corporations that were given emergency loans.

The Federal Reserve knowingly and willingly committed the criminal offenses of fraud and influence peddling when they falsely claimed that their banks were failing in order to influence and gain $trillions from the US governments of both George W Bush and Barack Hussein Obama (legal name is Barry Soetoro). The GOA findings were published in the the Sanders Report which found the Fed guilty of secretly and illegally doling out $16-trillion in zero interest loans to their own banks and corporations. The Federal Reserve banks and their presidents (including Timothy F. Geithne, Henry Paulson, and Ben Bernanke) can be prosecuted under the RICO Act – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Under federal RICO, a person who is a member of an enterprise that has committed any two of 35 crimes within in a 10-year period can be charged with racketeering (RICO).

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York (controls the whole United States Federal Reserve) works for the Vatican. The 1980s book “Vatican Billions” revealed; “The Vatican has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain, France and America, with the Hambros Bank, with the Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. In the United States it has large investments with the Morgan Bank, the Chase-Manhattan Bank, the First National Bank of New York, the Bankers Trust Company, and others.” “The Vatican has billions of shares in the most powerful international corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, T.W.A., etc.”



Extreme Weather, March 2015

The last couple of weeks have seen some rather extreme weather events, all around the globe. This video highlights much of what has been happening. It certainly begs the question of whether or not the majority of these events were man-made, doesn’t it? -LW



Benjamin Fulford: Was World War Three Called Off?

Ben talks about the banking and government changes that are becoming more and more visible, each and every day. This is exciting! -LW



Starship Earth: The Big Picture is Back On-Line!

starship_earth_the_big_picture_NEW_header_6It has been a crazy couple of days, but Starship Earth: The Big Picture is back on-line. It seems that some Google-bots decided to spent a lot of time on the blog, and it wreaked havoc on the servers.

A couple of days before this happened Google sent a notice that a recent blog post had been removed from their search results, in response to a request from an entity in Europe. (read: somebody tried to conceal the truth)

All that I can figure is that is must have been some kind of trigger for Google to sniff-out the entire web-site.

Anyway, welcome back, BP! We missed you!




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Professor Otto Rössler voices his worries about experiments at CERN after HIGGS discovery…starts at 8:20



       CERN is based in Geneva Switzerland for Nuclear Research and derived from French Conseil Europeen Recherche Nucleaire.  The World Wide Web was said to have began at CERN and the Global Internet helps create the Matrix most humankind live in.  The letter W/V in Hebrew is equal to 6 and “www” would translate to “666”.  CERN has become a staple in the development of grid computing and enabling (computing/electrical) grids.  CERN has been partially developed and focused on their extensive knowledge and utilization of time portals and time travel technologies, anti-gravitational developments, and nuclear propulsion blueprints.
       (Time Travel is mainly done through inter-dimensional doorways, inter-dimensional portals, space portals, wormholes, dimensional channels, and some…

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