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Something different… After all we’ve learned about the Bush & Clinton families in the last few years, this seems almost comical…

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dJanuary 23, 2015

The Hillary Difference in 2016:

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“This movie is a great history lesson, to some of us a refresher course. Academy award type performances, but not by actors…..everyone playing themselves; starring Hillary Rodham Clinton (no one plays her better). As usual Hillary plays the villain…… Watch Hillary go from scandal to scandal, lie to lie, crime to crime……controversy follows her from her college years to Little Rock to Washington and New York. Sit back, enjoy a drink and some popcorn and watch Hillary wiggle out of one train-wreck after another, escaping scenes that would land the rest of us common low life’s in prison.”

Not coming to a theater near you. Hillary, the Movie.

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“I’m So Ashamed” – Meet The Drone Operator Who Helped Kill 1,626 People And Walked Away

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Let’s hope this drone operator is the first of many to walk away from their jobs…

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The face of America’s unauthorized offshore wars has changed over the years, and these days it can most often be found watching the infrared screen of a terminal in some heavily-guarded air force base on US soil, operating heavily-armed, remote-controlled drones thousands of miles away, tasked with executing a lethal mission which usually involves one or more “collateral” casualties.

For almost five years, Brandon Bryant was one of those faces, and worked in America’s secret drone program bombing targets in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

He was told that he helped to kill 1,626 people, but as time went by he felt uneasy with what he was doing. He found it hard to sleep and started dreaming in infra-red.

What made him stop? “The actual breaking point happened when we were hunting an American citizen, and they were saying he was maybe the next bin Laden. This was an American citizen –…

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World’s most popular banana faces eradication by deadly fungus

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Chemtrails, perhaps?

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International concern is growing over the spread of Fusarium wilt, known as Panama disease, as there are fears it could destroy entire countries’ plantations of the Cavendish banana – the most popular and exported variety of the fruit in the world.
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VIDEO Facebook Censorship: What They’re Not Telling You – Death Threat Against Activists “Doesn’t Violate Community Standards”

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I honestly hope this new “Fake News” feature does backfire, and that FB users will descend on the fiction that the lamestream media pumps-out as “truth”. -LW

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It’s not just about ‘fake news stories’
January 22, 2015 by Paul Joseph Watson

Facebook’s new ‘flagging’ feature will allow agenda-driven political agitators, governments and corporations to control the narrative and all but silence dissent.

Death Threat Against Activists “Doesn’t Violate Community Standards”
But Facebook will suppress posts users find “offensive” to their religion
January 23, 2015 by Kit Daniels

Facebook won’t remove a page calling for the execution of liberty activists but the social media site will suppress posts users find “offensive” to their religion.

The Facebook page Execute Chemtrail Activists and Geoengineering Fearmongers on Sight calls for the murder of activists planning a Jan. 26 geoenginneering protest at the Weather Channel headquarters in Atlanta, Ga., but Facebook said the threat “doesn’t violate” its community guidelines.

“Facebook is egregiously allowing this page – whose title in and of itself contains a death threat – to remain up…

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Disneyland measles outbreak: Park asks workers for proof they’re immune

Can you believe this? Now they’re using Disneyland to push vaccinations… When this story first broke, it led with “Five Disneyland employees have tested positive for measles.” -LW

Original CBS video (can’t embed here)

Disneyland requires some exposed workers to show proof they’re immune to measles

Disneyland Resort employees who had contact with measles-stricken coworkers have been asked to stay home unless they can show they’ve been vaccinated or take a blood test to show they’re immune, Disney officials told the Los Angeles Times.

On Tuesday, company officials confirmed to The Times that five Disneyland Resort employees had been diagnosed with measles. Two had been vaccinated, health officials said, and the vaccination status of the other workers is still being investigated.

Disneyland measles outbreak: Park asks workers for proof they're immune - LA TimesDisneyland Park draws a crowd on a recent January day. The measles outbreak traced to the resort has spread rapidly. (Christina House / For the Los Angeles Times)

All resort workers who could have been in contact with those five have been asked to provide vaccination records or submit to a blood test that shows they have built immunity to the disease.

Any employees who had not been vaccinated or could not confirm their immunity status were asked to go on paid leave until their status could be confirmed, Disney officials said.

“As soon as the O.C. Health Care Agency notified us on Jan. 7, we immediately began to communicate to our cast to raise awareness,” Dr. Pamela Hymel, chief medical officer for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, said in a statement. “In an abundance of caution, we also offered vaccinations and immunity tests.”

The news came on the heels of Huntington Beach Union High School District’s announcement that about two dozen students who had no proof of measles immunization were ordered to stay away from campus.

The move is part of what officials described as the worst outbreak in California in 15 years. There are now a total of 54 patients across California as well as three other states and Mexico.

Health officials ordered the students out of class after they learned that a Huntington Beach High School student who was infected with the disease had come to class when school resumed after winter break. They said they would take the same action in other schools if measles are detected.

“If there is a case in the school and their child is not immunized, they will be removed from the school for 21 days,” said Dr. Eric Handler, the Orange County public health officer. “From an epidemiological standpoint, in order to prevent spread of the disease, this is a necessary measure.”

Orange County is home to several upscale communities where a higher than average number of parents have opted to not fully vaccinate their children because of their personal beliefs. Experts say it’s a problem when 8% or more decline vaccines that keep diseases such as measles from spreading.

In the Huntington Beach City School District, two out of seven elementary schools’ kindergarten classes exceed that number: S.A. Moffett Elementary, where 10% were exempted from vaccines for personal beliefs, and Huntington Seacliff Elementary, pegged at 11%.

A Times analysis published last year found that 9.5% of kindergartners at Capistrano Unified in south Orange County in 2013 were exempted from vaccinations because of personal beliefs; the rate was 14.8% at Santa Monica-Malibu Unified. The rate statewide that year was 3.1%.

Orange County’s move to keep unvaccinated students from classes is being watched across the state as measles immunization rates have been declining almost every year since 2002 among California’s kindergartners. Vaccines have been viewed with suspicion despite numerous scientific reports thoroughly discrediting the notion that vaccines cause autism.

“The vaccine is safe,” Handler said. “We can prevent this disease if people get vaccinated.”

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