April 20, 2015: Please Pray for Ron

Hmm… I wonder if his family could bring him some vitamin C when they come to visit…

Sending prayers of healing…

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here in this eternal moment of now,
To bring comfort and healing to our brother Ron.

We call upon the supreme power of the Universe
To remind Ron that illness is merely an illusion,
And that Divine Health is our natural state of being.

May the universal life force energy not only restore your body,
But also surround you with only those who can assist in your healing.

And so it is.

The Awakening Grows, Italians Stage Impressive Anti-Geoengineering Protest

My first thought when I saw this was to send the video to people in California. If they want to end the drought, they need to go after the people who engineered it in the first place. -LW

Video Description

The citizens of Italy have now set the standard for organized protests against the climate engineering nightmare in our skies. This April 18th demonstration in Bologna, Italy sets the stage for the upcoming March Against Geoengineering planned for April 25 in various locations around the world. Those who do not have organized anti-geoengineering protests in your area should try to attend one of the countless Earth Day events that have also been organized for April 25th. The human race faces countless challenges that are converging from every direction, but of all the threats currently descending on us the most dire and immediate of all is climate engineering. We have the power to expose and stop the ongoing geoengineering insanity if we work together in this all important battle, make your voice heard. We extend our most sincere gratitude to “Reclaim The Planet” (http://riprendiamociilpianeta.it) for organizing this outstanding event. Our gratitude also goes to all the citizens who helped with the demonstration in Bologna that is featured in this 4 minute video.

Dane Wigington

Vaccines: Honesty vs. Policy, by Suzanne Humphries, MD

“After a year of study and preparation, this talk is available to you. It is only a little over an hour total, broken into segments. Please watch and share. It is the story of how I got to be the monster I am today, with full medical references.” –Suzanne Humphries, MD

Part One – Is Dr. Humphries a quack homeopath?

Dr Humphries discusses the primary issues in her hospital that set her on her course, her education and history. She addresses her relationship with homeopathy.

Part Two – Vaccination of kidney patients. Where’s the science?

Dr Humphries discusses the issues faced when she realized the lack of scientific backing for vaccination policy on sick patients in her hospital.

Part Three – Reviewing the Situation

Dr Humphries discusses her reflections on her leaving the hospital and the situation with aluminum in kidney patients and everyone.

Part Four – Trailblazers and Outliers

Dr Humphries discovered a history of vaccine criticism in the medical profession: Sir Graham Wilson, Dr J A Morris, Dr Bernice Eddy, Merck Whistleblowers. Some mind blowing history is reviewed; ‘vaccine irregularities’, SV40, polyoma virus, and use of tumorigenic kidney cells to make today’s vaccines. The relationship of SV40 and today’s kidney problems.

Part Five – One size does not fit all.

Scientific literature on what happens epigenetically after vaccination is reviewed. Many disease genes are upregulated after vaccines. Learn why one size fits all vaccinations are an irrational solution for disease eradication.

Part Six – The Business of Vaccination.

In the series finale, Dr Humphries reveals the many problems with vaccine policy, the trouble with trusting the WHO, WHO scandals, today’s policies, and that every year hospitals unnecessarily kill over 500 times more people per year than died of measles every year, before the vaccine.



Student Sit-In Movement for Fossil Fuel Divestment Hits Massachusetts and Virginia

Posted by  under ActivismEnvironment on April 15th, 2015

Yesterday, the Green Man reported that students had begun a sit-in protest at Tulane University, pressuring the university’s administration to take endowment funds currently invested in fossil fuel extraction and invest them elsewhere.  The idea is for universities to use their collective endowment weight to leverage change and make the energy sector more responsive to environmental concerns.

It turns out that Tulane isn’t the only American university at which divestment sit-ins are happening.  At Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, students are sitting in to exert pressure on their President Faust right now.

Divest Harvard Students are sitting in to push Harvard into divesting away from fossil fuels.

And University of Mary Washington students just had their amazing 21 day sit-in ended when the police came to haul them away.  21 days — that’s commitment:

University of Mary Washington Students Hauled Away in Cuffs after 21 day Sit In

What other sit-ins do you know about?  Magnify the effectiveness of these students’ protests.  Spread the word.



Infographic: Bill C-51 by the numbers

Still trying to wrap your mind around Bill C-51? Check out this amazing infographic from our friends at Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE). See the full version at: https://cjfe.org/blog/infographic-bill-c-51-numbers




Two Oil / Gas fracking facilities EXPLODE in Colorado & Texas — BLAMED ON LIGHTNING!?

Same day as a Gas / oil fracking facility exploded in Colorado (which was blamed on ‘lightning’) …. NOW ANOTHER Gas facility explodes in Texas within hours of the Colorado explosion….. ALSO blamed on ‘lightning’ !?

Thanks to David S. for reporting this on Facebook.

gas facility



Oil facility erupts into flames near Karnes City

“KARNES CITY, Texas – Lightning may be to blame for an explosion and fire at an oil tank facility near Karnes City.

Karnes County Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva said the explosion happened around 4:10 p.m. Friday at the Shale Tank Truck Facility right around the time when a line of thunderstorms marched through the area.

No injuries were reported, Villanueva said.”

Screenshots of the location from Google Earth show multiple fracking pads surround this location, including a well at the collection facility itself.

fracking explosionearthquake april 17 2015 explosion karnesa

Compare the above story from Karnes City Texas to the OTHER story which broke just a few hours ago out of Greeley Colorado, at one of their gas collection facilities.



“Greeley officials say a possible lightning strike sparked an oil tank fire Friday afternoon. The tank is located at 22620 Weld County Road 64.

Dale Lyman, a spokesman for the Greeley Fire Department, says firefighters were called to the site northeast of the airport shortly after 1 p.m. Friday. They are working with NGL Energy Partners, the company that owns the site, to determine the best strategy to put the fire out and protect other oil and gas tank batteries nearby.

Lyman tells The Greeley Tribune about four nearby homes have been evacuated, and firefighters had the blaze under control. No injuries were reported.”

Ironically, Karnes City Texas is the location of a rather rare South Texas fracking earthquake which occurred at the start of this year (2015).