Wal-Mart’s next sale: Primary health care

[Editor's Note: I remember Ralph Nadir talking about this in great detail during the US Presidential elections in 2008. --LW]

Welcome to Wal-Mart. The nurse will be right with you.

Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest retailer, has spent years trying to turn some of its millions of customers into patients, offering a simple menu of medical services that consumers can buy along with everything from a bag of chips to a lawn mower. Now, the store is in the throes of its most aggressive push yet to become a one-stop shopping destination for medical care.

The company has opened five primary-care locations in South Carolina and Texas. It plans to open a sixth clinic, in Palestine, Texas, on Friday, with six more planned by the end of the year.

The clinics, it says, can offer a broader range of services, such as chronic-disease management, than the 100 or so acute-care clinics leased by hospital operators at Wal-Marts across the country. Unlike CVS or Walgreens, which also offer some similar services, or Costco, which offers eye care, Wal-Mart is marketing itself as a primary medical provider.

Like its competitors, Wal-Mart is looking to grab a bigger share of the billions of health-care dollars being spent in the United States and benefit from the shifting delivery system that has resulted from the Affordable Care Act.

With its vast rural footprint, Wal-Mart is positioning its primary-care clinics in areas where doctors are scarce, and where medical care, with or without insurance, can be prohibitively expensive. If the in-store clinics succeed, the company said, it is prepared to open more.

“If they’re rolling it out across the rural stores primarily, they’re actually filling an important gap in the health-care ecosystem,” said Skip Snow, a health-care analyst at Forrester Research.

But while experts agree that increased access to health care is a good thing, others say patients with chronic conditions need complex care that retail giants cannot provide. Diseases such as diabetes, for example, can result in complications that are not easy to manage.

“There’s not a role for retail clinics to take care of chronic, ongoing problems like that,” said Dr. Robert L. Wergin, president-elect of the American Academy of Family Physicians. “It can provide a service, maybe an entryway into a system.”

While the company says that about 15 to 20 patients use the existing primary clinics every day, a large percentage of those patients do not have a primary doctor outside Wal-Mart, according to Dr. David Severance, the corporate medical director at QuadMed, which is joining with Wal-Mart to help staff and run the clinics.

While the retailer has been pushing into health care for years, its early attempts stumbled. Dozens of acute-care clinics have closed, largely because of management problems.

The primary-clinic model could offer new advantages over the more-basic clinics, often referred to as “retail clinics.” The limited list of minor illnesses that a retail clinic can treat — the flu, for example — often peaks in the winter months and slows significantly at other times of year, said Tom Charland, the chief executive of Merchant Medicine, a health-care research and consulting firm.

Wal-Mart also says it will be better off working with only one partner, QuadMed, instead of multiple partners that each run a handful of clinics, which was the model used in its acute-care clinics.

Along with medical assistants, nurse practitioners, who generally receive less training than doctors but can prescribe most of the same medications, run the primary clinics.

The Wal-Mart primary-care clinics charge patients $40 a visit; employees at the company and their dependents who are covered under its own insurance pay $4 a visit. (Wal-Mart says that more than half of its 1.1 million employees receive health-care coverage through the company.) While it accepts Medicare, it does not accept third-party insurance, although it is exploring the option, a spokeswoman, Danit Marquardt, said, adding that it is starting to enroll some of its stores in Medicaid.

But the primary-care clinics can help drive traffic to Wal-Mart’s pharmacies, which do accept insurance, and the clinics could stand to benefit from the growing number of people now signing up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

“To make it profitable, you need to make it have more than just a clinical encounter,” said Dr. Glenn Hammack, the founding president and chief executive of NuPhysicia, which closed the six clinics it briefly ran in Wal-Mart stores.

“You also need to sell them prescriptions, a bag of chips, maybe a magazine while they’re waiting.”


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Mandatory 2014 Debt Forgiveness: Rothschild Federal Reserve Suppressing U.S. Precious Metals Using Artificial Gold/Silver Derivative Paper!

Light Worker 29501:

With so much going on with the price-fixing of gold and silver, this article seems timely . . .

Originally posted on Political Vel Craft:

Iceland Jails Bankers, Erases Citizens’ Debt, Recovers Strongly: No More Banks!

Published on January 2014

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “The West is draining itself of physical bullion. . . If there is a currency collapses and you try to flee into gold, there won’t be any there.

The Chinese will have it.” So, is this the year gold and silver stage a big turnaround? Roberts says, “It’s gone on longer than I thought it could go on. I didn’t realize all the deceptive and crooked methods they would use to rig the markets.

The notion that a democratic capitalist country having its markets rigged by its own authorities–it blows the mind. This is not normal. What will they do next? I don’t know.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

View original 801 more words

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“Dodd-Frank is Fraud”

Under the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial regulatory overhaul, some 130 banks are required to submit so-called “living wills.” These are supposed to document how a bank, in case of bankruptcy, would prevent financial contagion to other banks and a broader financial crisis.

The largest and most complex of these banks–Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, State Street Corp. and UBS, have been required to file their wills before the others.

Thomas Hoenig, vice chairman of the FDIC, spoke plainly about the FDIC and Federal Reserve’s findings. He said, “Despite the thousands of pages of materials these firms submitted, the plans provide no credible or clear path through bankruptcy that doesn’t require unrealistic assumptions and direct or indirect public support.

“Unfortunately, based on the material so far submitted, in my view each plan being discussed today is deficient and fails to convincingly demonstrate how, in failure, any of these firms could overcome obstacles to entering bankruptcy without precipitating a financial crisis.”

The joint FDIC-Fed announcement demonstrated several things. First, the Dodd-Frank law that supposedly guaranteed an end to banks being “too big to fail” and ruling out a future public bailout of Wall Street is a fraud. Its provisions, many of which have yet to be implemented because of opposition from the banks, do nothing serious to rein in the speculative and quasi-criminal activities of Wall Street that triggered the financial crash in 2008.

Second, Wall Street treats its ostensible regulators, such as the FDIC and the Fed, with contempt. Given years to prepare their “living wills,” the banks turned in documents that implied they had no intention of doing anything to protect the public against another financial disaster and assumed they would be bailed out again at taxpayer expense should their machinations backfire.

This contempt is fully justified. The response of the Fed to the banks’ rejected submissions was to give them another year to file yet another round of reports, without suffering any negative consequences.

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The Architects of Iraq Blame Obama for Their Mistakes



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London gold fix lawsuits to be consolidated in New York | Reuters

(Adds background on the lawsuits)

By Andrew Longstreth

Aug 13 (Reuters) – A federal judicial panel on Wednesday ordered that 18 lawsuits alleging a conspiracy to manipulate gold prices be consolidated into one proceeding in New York.

The cases will be sent to U.S. District Judge Valerie Caproni in Manhattan, who has already been overseeing more than two dozen cases.

The lawsuits name the multinational banks that make up the London Gold Market Fixing Ltd, the company operating the global gold price benchmark known as the ‘fix’.

The century-old gold fix is a standard price for the metal that the banks set twice a day over the telephone. A variety of gold traders claim they were harmed by a scheme to manipulate the fix.

Sending the cases to Caproni of New York appeared to be a relatively easy decision for the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, which considers requests to consolidate related lawsuits in U.S. federal courts.

Only one of the 18 lawsuits was not filed in New York, according to the panel.

Bank of Nova Scotia, HSBC, Societe Generale and Barclays make up the London Gold Market Fixing Ltd.

Deutsche Bank withdrew in May after two decades but is still a party to the suits. (Reporting by Andrew Longstreth; Editing by James Dalgleish and Nick Zieminski)

via Source.

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[Editor's Note: We've observed that Poof/Zap's updates typically follow those of Landa Global's . . . --LW]

AUGUST 13, 2014

Landa Project funds have been confirmed, and are in the process of transfer. We anticipate some general funds to arrive at the paymaster in the next day, with the main bulk of funds due in the middle of next week.Project starts will begin shortly after, and we will post these timings here.

Thank You

via Humanus Corporation.


Currently, several high level buyers are active in Zurich, and performing closings at a rate of about 2 transactions per day. Boxes are being purchased at 20% cash, and balance in instrument (BG, MTN, etc).

These buyers are also scheduling the Philippines as the next stop in their buying order.

The official redemption period has not been announced as yet.

Thank You

via Humanus Corporation.

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[Editor's Note: Be sure to read the rather long letter (link) that precedes this "report". It seems like a lot of smoke for a little bit of information that can't be verified. --LW]

Two friends of mine arranged that I talked with a source which had access to an inside banking screen. The exchange rates he showed for an RV if occurring now was dinar $8.61 and dong $2.11. However, as he pointed out, these exchange rates could change if RV does not occur now. I also was told some power sources maneuvering as to the exact moment this RV should occur and assured that the former pm of Iraq has lost control and will soon be effectively out of the picture so RV of currencies should then occur without interruption.

I was told more than I am posting here, but it sounds like RV should occur sometime soon. Maybe days from now?

Full Article.

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The (New) London Silver Price

[Editor's Note: Today marks the end of 117 years of silver price-fixing by HSBC, Bank of Novia Scotia, and Deutchebank. They have been replaced by CME Group software and Thomas Reuters people. Only time will tell the impact this will have on the price of silver. --LW]

CME Group will provide the electronic auction platform on which the price will be calculated and Thomson Reuters will be responsible for administration and governance. The LBMA will accredit price participants and own the intellectual property rights.



The London Silver Fix has been a global benchmark for 117 years. This new process for establishing the new London Silver Price will maintain continuity with the existing silver fixing process for market participants while also increasing transparency and the number of market participants via an electronic platform for the auction. It will continue to be London-based and will offer a fully IOSCO-compliant solution to the London bullion marketplace. Our intention is to follow the current benchmarking process in order to minimize any possible disruptions and enable a seamless transition for the market. Those participants with a Reuters terminal can view the live auction by quoting the RIC 0#LDNXAG.


On what basis is The London Silver Price set?

It is an electronic auction based solution which is based on transactions and is auditable. The London Silver Price will be set by auction rounds with each round lasting 30 seconds. The auction will begin at 12:00 and participants will input their buy volume and sell volume orders in lakhs (100,000 ounces) or quarter lakhs (25,000 ounces). The initial price at the start of the process is likely to be close to the spot price. In the first round the system algorithm will attempt to match buy and sell orders within the permitted tolerance level (3 lakhs). If the buy and sell orders are out of tolerance, the auction price will change and the auction will restart until the buy and sell volumes are in tolerance and the equilibrium price is set.

Full Article.

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Iraq Policy: Washington’s Puzzle Palace Keeps Getting Curiouser | David Stockman’s Contra Corner

Let’s count the ways. It goes without saying that Obama is now busily bombing American military equipment. Some of that equipment is pretty high tech gear and especially lethal—not the kind that jihadists ordinarily train with in their desert lairs or mountain redoubts.

But then again, ISIS got provisioned by none other than the Iraqi Army. The latter not only dropped its uniforms for civvies during the battle for Mosul, but also left behind armored Humvees, heavy artillery, night vision systems, state of the art firearms and much else of like and similar nature. Nor was this the first time that the Iraqi Army disarmed itself unilaterally. A while back they also surrendered their uniforms and guns when another American President—George W. Bush—-bombed them.

That was called “shock and awe”. Afterwards, the remnants of the Iraqi army must have found it indeed shocking and awesome that Washington immediately pivoted— after hanging the country’s leader—and spent $25 billion re-equipping and training them in brand new uniforms and with far better weapons.

Fast-forward to 2014. The hasty hand-off of these American weapons to ISIS during its June blitzkrieg was easy enough to explain. On their way out of Baghdad, the Washington “nation builders” had equipped and trained a native army so that it could defend a “nation” which did not exist. What passed for “Iraq” was some very long, straight lines drawn on a map exactly 98 years ago by the British and French foreign offices as they carved up their winnings from the Ottoman Empire. What passed for governance within these so-called Sykes-Picot boundaries was a series of kings, generals and dictators—- culminating in Saddam Hussein—-who ruled from the barrel of whatever gun had been supplied by the highest bidder among the Great Powers.

via Iraq Policy: Washington’s Puzzle Palace Keeps Getting Curiouser | David Stockman’s Contra Corner.

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Sheldon Nidle, Re: the Global Currency Reset and NESARA

[Editor's Note: It has been a long time since Sheldon has something interesting to say...]

2 Cauac, 17 Pop, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We return! Your world is now in the midst of a process which is to release those funds concerned with what is called currency re-evaluation. This process concerns a number of currencies which need to reclaim various monies that were involved in off country currency exchanges. Along with these needed exchanges are the beginnings of the actual delivery of the many “prosperity programs.” These funds are to be the forerunner of an operation to lead to the proclaiming of NESARA in the United States. The reason for this sudden movement of funds is due to the special actions of our earthly allies. They have been able to corner enough of the cabal’s “generals” to permit this action to finally start. The rise of new governance coincides with a series of actions which are defeating the various monetary strategies of the dark cabal. Over the past few months, these brave fellows have forced the defeat of the dark and allowed a new monetary policy to work its magic. Fiat money, upon which the dark built its strength, is beginning to fade and has rapidly been surpassed by new monies built upon the rising gold standard.

As noted in earlier messages, a vast sea of gold is being readied for its worldly unveiling. The world’s ancient families concealed this gold in hidden places. These families are dedicated to the Light, and wish only to aid Guan Yin and Saint Germain in bringing forth a global prosperity tied to a new age of Light and freedom. What is occurring now are the final steps in a vast, complex strategy to bring peace, prosperity and natural sovereignty to all. Eons ago, Heaven gave the dark a timetable to rule the surface of Gaia. This abomination is now to end. The transitions needed to do this are well underway. The dark cabal is to answer for its crimes by being denied power, which these monies can easily provide. Instead, they are to suffer for what they have done by watching their wealth and power disappear. The age of imaginary, easily manipulated fiat money is over. The time comes for a return to an endless supply of real money based upon the true value of gold and silver.

These changes are to bring in an age of disclosure. You are not only to see a vast series of suppressed inventions paraded before you, but also a full disclosure about us, ending a decades-long UFO cover-up. This initial cover-up came into play because we represented a threat not only to the continued power of the various dark governments, but also to their overlords, the various Anunnaki tribes. Since time immemorial the Anunnuki had sequestered a whole slew of earthly-born technologies. They considered this a means to undermine the principles given you for your carefully adjusted religion and science. The Anunnaki and their minions do not intend to produce a sliver of valid opposition to the pap given you over the millennia. Theirs was a special set of precepts to control, and when necessary, manipulate events as they so wished. This mutual admiration society began to develop rips when the Anchara continuum declared peace. This action forced the Anunnaki to abandon their dark ways and command their minions to do likewise.

Since this happened in 1995, the dark minions have carried on a silent war for global power. This war is now failing. The Light is winning. The prosperity and new governance are ready to be announced. When this starts to occur, know in your heart that a number of parallel actions are happening. The fiat monetary system is to fall and be replaced by a gold-backed one. The current supremacy of the US dollar is to end. A number of regional currencies are then to come to the fore. This is to be the start of a transition to a new true value currency. Our initial task is to announce ourselves to be here and benevolent. We are to give you technology that weans you from your need to farm and manufacture. The true sentient mind seeks a divine education, based upon the truths of existence and the way of AEON. It seeks to become fully conscious and be a true servant to all Creation! We come in this light and ask you, as commanded by the Creator, to join us and take your divine gifts to the stars! We are therefore here to heed your wishes and lead you to full consciousness! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day with much good news! Our various associates are finishing off the means to issue the RV and to set up the new ways to deliver the prosperity programs. These actions are to begin to move the wealth of this world. You are to benefit from what is needed to be done to shift great wealth from the denizens of the dark to the supporters of the Light. We bless you and ask that you take these monies and use them to make this realm better for all. Let your inner wishes for healing centers, depositories for Light, and so forth come into fruition. Educate the public about what you know. Expand their awareness of the grand physical and spiritual changes happening throughout this globe! Let the Light be known in its many glories. The moment arrives! The dark has long proclaimed its so-called truths! Let you now send out your blessings and inner truths. Be in a grand Oneness and tap into what Heaven desires for you to proclaim!

As the various monies are received by you, bear in mind that your sudden gift of wealth carries with it a divine purpose. Each day, when you wake with this wealth, plan carefully how you wish to apply it. Each organization that you found or fund is to further the way of the Light. A broad strategy is to be laid out by us. A grand blessing is given to you for your endeavors. A tree of Light is manifesting, with each of you as a branch. Be ready to use your daily meditations and prayers to give you the clarity needed for this work. We intend to take our blessings to you and assist you, in our way, to direct these funds to good use. Those who are to forge new governance have been made aware of what needs to be done first. These initial orders are to set the foundation for what is to follow. This new structure is to phase into the new economic system that is nearly ready to manifest.

Long ago, the dark plunged us all into the terror that is limited consciousness. We are now able to adjust to its limits and realize that this dark time is nearly over. Heaven permitted us to gradually return to our natural state after lifetimes of trial and error. Our task is therefore to assist and guide you through what remains of this present state of humanity. Heaven sends you its sacred children to aid us all in making this glorious transition safely and swiftly. Our system of planets and sun need to be restored so that we can again occupy the four grand water planets once found here. Many of you still remember when these other worlds existed as habitable lands. We are to return to these as our base for moving out into physicality. There is still much which Heaven expects us to do! This galaxy is only our first step in carrying out the sacred edicts of Heaven! Blessings to you and to the All High Creator!

Today, we continued our messages. Many great events are now forming. These events are to allow you to transform and unify the realms of Inner and surface Earth. Our fleet awaits what is shortly to happen. The Agarthans are also prepared to reveal themselves when we start our set of lessons. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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