National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA)

Thrive With NESARA Flyer

Thrive With NESARA Flyer (Updated)

NESARA is an abundance program that has quite a history.  Some say that the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center was to prevent the announcement of NESARA, along with the transfer and distribution of a significant amount of gold contained in the towers.

Here are some excellent links for getting educated and prepared for NESARA.

7 Responses to NESARA

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  2. EP0CH says:

    So, with St. Germain being so confident as was resoundingly posted here

    …what happened to all of that? :( I just stumbled upon it today, and initially went “*coughBS :(*” but I didn’t want to critique or judge your sharing unfairly (well, or at all) without first hearing your thoughts out on it?

  3. jeanie says:

    does anyone remember Dove of One??? I used to get emails from her and I love her and someone said on my facebook group (Cobra’s group) that she got killed or died….what was her real name???

  4. jeanie says:

    thank you, Ginger…..I love you!

  5. catherine ambrosino yadevia says:

    Love this site/info; can identify/relate from within feel the Truths. Thk you

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