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I am a Canadian Indigo adult, Reiki Master, and Bitcoin enthusiast. My background is in IT and fixing broken hearts. 2014 is already seeing some major changes in the world around us, particularly in the areas of banking and government. Are you prepared for our new world? As we debunk the lies of the past, we can begin to form our vision for the future.

Hoaxes, Hype, and Hysteria by Justin Raimondo —

While Americans were barbecuing over the Labor Day weekend, the Usual Suspects were busy cooking up new wars, from Iraq to Ukraine. While this is nothing new – after all, evil never sleeps – one thing I did notice: the … Continue reading

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Gone from CNN, Piers Morgan says he wants his show to be remembered for Alex Jones gun debate — RT USA

So long, Piers Morgan @ CNN. Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow. This is an odd story–suggesting that CNN let Piers Morgan go because of his anti-gun stance. Alex Jones must be loving this! -LW News anchor Piers Morgan’s … Continue reading

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Obama orders 350 additional troops to Iraq — RT USA

And the charade continues in Iraq… It would be nice to know what is really going on over there, and the real reason why the US is sending more troops to increase security against US-trained and funded “terrorists”. Oh wait, … Continue reading

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Much to the Terrorists Surprise . . .

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The Poetry Sorting Algorithm

An over educated twit, An algorithm he has writ To analyze poetic Lit And sort the good stuff from the shit. No, this is not a silly joke; I’m not aware that he’s a soak. He’s just a poor misguided … Continue reading

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FRAUD! CDC Scientist ADMITS They Omitted Data Linking MMR Vaccines to Autism

Originally posted on wchildblog:
[embed][/embed] from TRUTHstreammedia: The apparently reluctant CDC Scientist/Whistleblower William Thompson has now admitted the vaccine study FRAUD via a letter released through his lawyer’s office, an office which specializes in whistleblower retaliation, by the way. Thompson…

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War or Peace: Damning Eye-Witness Video of MH17 False Flag; Plus, Strange Failures of Russian Rockets

Originally posted on Futurist Trendcast:
Link to video! Warning – GRAPHIC! This has just been brougth to my attention. I believe it is necessary to post the translation of this very graphic and disturbing, but extremely damning video. Please keep in…

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Mozilla’s Lightbeam Tool Will Expose Who is Looking Over Your Shoulder on the Web

Originally posted on Starship Earth: The Big Picture:
October 24, 2013 Just who is looking over your shoulder when you browse the Internet? Tomorrow, web users will be given a new tool to shine a light on the commercial organisations…

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Message from Wiley Morgan, Generals64

This message is for those in the Generals64 / Studley group . . . For those that are wondering – If you signed up to The Group in the past then you are still in the group, nothing has changed. … Continue reading

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Disclosure has Begun

David Wilcock Workshop at Contact in the Desert.

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