I’ve been researching the 2012 phenomenon since the late 1980s.

My Background:

  • Reiki Master (Usui & Akanda Ru)
  • Healer of broken hearts (nicknamed Doctor Luv)
  • Healer of broken PCs (nicknamed Doctor PC)
  • Application Developer (databases, mostly)
  • Business Analyst (ie. JD Edwards)
  • Webmaster
  • Blogger

This Blog

This blog is part of my effort to help awaken the people of this planet.  In the last 20 years, our world has noticeably been run by corrupt, secret societies, whose names are only now becoming known to most of us.

We are only now beginning to understand the meanings of the Mayan prophecies for this year.  On December 21, 2012, the Universe is expected to cease expanding from the Big Bang, and start shrinking, towards the Great Collapse.  This split second in time is expected to be when our Creator enters creation, and the Golden Age begins.


Additional parts of my efforts to aid in the awakening of humanity include giving Reiki to the public, in general, including the following:

  • check-out lines
  • crowded stores
  • public buildings (banks, bowling alleys, restaurants, hotels)
  • trees, forests, fields, lakes, streams

My earliest visions or meditations occurred in Manhattan, New York, during the 2008 Olympics, hosted in Beijing, China.  It has been an amazing ride, ever since.

41 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lightworker,
    I just discovered your site and am saddened to discover that some dirt bag ripped off your PayPal account causing you to leave the blogging business. How are you doing? Do you want help starting a One Coin account? It is invitation only. Cryptocurrency can’t get hacked, taxed, confiscated by bank fees…..One Coin is poised for next Phase, to start being used for currency on line early 2016. Has SEC approval and recognition as a tradeable commodity in US already. The starter kit is free.


    • Hi, Cathren!

      Thanks for the One Coin information–I’ll take a peek.

      I’m struggling. I lost my apartment over a year ago, after losing a lot of money in Bitcoin mining. It has taken me two years just to get my leg back to normal. A fellow “lightworker” ripped me off for nearly $60,000 before that… Family drama seems to be never-ending…


      • Hi Patrick,
        What happened to you was wrong. A knight and I are involved in One Coin. It is coming to the USA in about 5 weeks. It’s invitation only now. We can fill your down line with the flood of people who will be entering then. There are about 750 K members right now. One Coin is the new and vastly improved Bitcoin. Mining can be done on a little laptop. I have funds to set you up with the starter account or 1000 tOkens.It’s not 60,000, but the timing is golden. I need a user name, birthdate, and an email address to get you an account. Please send to cathrentmarksen@gmail.com ASAP. Split happening any day now.

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