Is the Sun Really Dead?

BP, over at Starship Earth brought my attention to this recent synopsis of NASA’s satellite images of the Sun.

Global Announcements

Buried in the comments was this little gem:

“The last negotiations stall was over on the 11th, the sequence was started. Then, as of around midnight, we are in the ‘T’eed’ position. We’ve held that position for the last five hours. The big show, will commence at any time any hour. There will be a global announcement. Not sure if its trumpets, voice commands or what the ‘GA’ shows up as, but that occurs. Those sleeping, hear a tone or bell that wakes them as in wakes them to stand out of their body. We are pulled out of our bodies, and make the leap forward. Earth Emits us. The translation renews, and when we reach our destination, which appears to be a city directly parked in front of us in this port, we are all free. HA! It will be “Happy Independence Day”

Note that the announcements referenced above have to do with our “Earth Exit” which many of us would probably call “Ascension.” If you’ve been following the YellowRoseForTexas videos, this should make sense to you. If not, I recommend viewing the following:

The Lie NASA Told
The Destruction of the Papal Key

Exiting Earth

When the day comes, it seems that the first order of business is to put Earth back on its proper axis, perpendicular to its orbit. Rose says it will happen in the early dawn hours. The electricity will be off. The Earth needs to be propped back up, in order to disrupt the EMF shield that surrounds the Earth. At this time, will will rejoin our family Arcs.

I’m kind of scratching my head on this one, because it’s obviously not dawn all over the planet at the same time, and the video claims they can evacuate all of Earth in about 10 minutes. So, unless they’re planning on making it daylight everywhere, this has me baffled. (Probably a minor detail).