COBRA: New Age Scammer from Slovenia or: Boštjan Košir Wants Your Ascended Money!

Light Worker 29501:

In light of Cobra’s IT team resigning, this article from July 15, 2012 seems very relevant.

Originally posted on Mission Galactic Freedom:


Seems the COBRA/Ishtar entity are two people, business partners: one is the writer, the other does the public speaking. Here is the “face” of Ishatr Antares. Do not gaze into his eyes too long, for he is a shapeshifter and master deceiver. “The Gaze” is a method used by a number of Eastern European New Age gurus, used by Croatian reptilian Braco.

He officially changed his name and this is his FB:

I cannot take credit for this net detective work, it was mostly done by a reader here, Honey Badger, with some slight follow-up and verification by your friendly neighborhood Former White Hat, Inc.

My first assessment that COBRA was Lady Dragon using a voice modulator was wrong (I can admit when I am wrong, contrary what some turkeys would there contend); it was the syntax of English language use that made me believe this. While…

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