Bilderberg Group in Control of the Bank of Canada (Since 1974)

The Bank of Canada has the power to make the Canadian economy’s national currency basically interest free, the way they did from the 1940s — 1974 where Canada’s national debt never really reached above 18 Billion.
In 1974, Canadian members of the Bilderberg Group such as Pierre Trudeau and former Governor of the Bank of Canada Gerald Bouey changed the policies of the Bank of Canada that gave power to private banks to create our currency. Gerald Bouey member of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. Rockefeller is also a chairman of the Bilderberg group.

Since the changes have been made the Bilderberg Group has been in full control of Canada’s currency by allowing private banks to secretly control the Canadian’s national currency by issuance of credit. This film exposes who the Bildergroup are and the individuals that had to do with the changes and exposes the end game cashless society agenda. They want establish one world govt, is the MintChip the first step to convert the world to nwo digitized economy?

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