A Message of Hope (Great Video!)

Dear viewers…

I had so much fun making this :-) I hope u enjoy watching it as much as I did creating it!

How un-believably BLESSED are we all to be alive on this planet at this time!

And we are all in it together! One big family going through arguably the single greatest event that this planet has ever seen!

Whoooo hoooooo!

I hope that every last being on this earth gets to taste the bliss that lies within and chooses a harmless lifestyle and realizes that all beings – animals and humans alike are sentient.

There is not one single thing as I understand it that can change a persons vibration as much as a change to a non-violent (vegan) diet. My meditation took off to another level when I made that change a few years a go. I wake up every day and now see life for the miracle it truly is, and I just hope from the bottom of my heart it isnt too long before the entire planet wakes up to choose a commpasionate, non-violent lifestyle so that they too can experience the love that lies within.

Yeeee ha!


About Light Worker 29501

I am a Canadian Indigo adult, Reiki Master, and Bitcoin enthusiast. My background is in IT and fixing broken hearts. 2014 is already seeing some major changes in the world around us, particularly in the areas of banking and government. Are you prepared for our new world? As we debunk the lies of the past, we can begin to form our vision for the future.
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  1. David says:

    Check your B-12 if you don’t eat meat.

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