David P. Crayford response to American Kabuki: “Black screen document on ‘Infinite’ accounts”

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Date: Friday, 25-Jan-2013 08:32:42


Original article at AK:


David Crayford’s response:

Someone really does like to show off their handiwork at fabricating what appear to be official documents. Whoever they are, they tend to forget that if they think they are clever there is always someone else who is equally as clever if not better than them.

I am never surprised, in fact I have quite a smile to myself, at the lengths or extent some people will go to impress others with their claims of original documents, or to prove themselves right in the eyes of others by displaying publicly, documents they claim, or imply, are original, and which are forgeries and Fraudulent documents.

Having viewed all those documents I have found that, other than the:-

a). change of date,

b). part of the reference number

and the inclusion of one additional statement against each bank entry, being, quote

c). “50% shall be forcibly used for whatsoever Development Program and 50% shall be automatically and forcibly maintained and preserved for another 30 years until lasted for eternity”,

they are, not surprisingly, EXACTLY the same as documents in my possession dated 1998 and 2002.

The documents in my possession were proven to be forged and fraudulent in nature and hold no legal standing whatsoever. It is therefore fair to say that these documents dated December 2012 are also forgeries and fraudulent in nature.

In fact the World Bank Group have exactly ZERO involvement with the Collateral Accounts, especially those under the name of Anthony Santiago Martin, Spiritual Wonder Boy, etc, etc, etc,and therefore, like the documents in my possession and as referenced above, these should be completely disregarded and discarded as Forgeries and Fraudulent in nature.

I will, at this juncture, repeat what I have previously stated re Anthony Santiago Martin. The real Anthony Santiago Martin died 3 years prior (1985) to Ferdinand Marcos (1988). It wasn’t until 1993 that a person claiming to be Anthony Santiago Martin suddenly made an appearance claiming to be Anthony Santiago Martin. This person just happened to live in a village not far from where friends of DS live and was known as a vagrant in the local area. Further investigations revealed that, like several other persons in the Philippines and Indonesia, this person was set up by the CIA to impersonate Anthony Santiago Martin for the purpose of unauthorised access to the ASM accounts. ASM has admitted he was offered money to do this but he also states that he never received anything from anyone. All what was required of him was to sign documents in the name of ASM.

If one looks at the signature section, again there are three (3) that are definite forgeries and bear no resemblance to the real signatures of the people named. Those signatures, as with all the others appear to have been super—imposed over the typed names, or, in certain cases the typed names are super-imposed over the signatures.

Whoever is doing this must be very, very desperate to prove that what they are stating is true, when in fact they are putting out so much misinformation for others, such as Wilcox, to use, as they wish, to boost the credibility factor, it is becoming a joke and as several persons have made comment quite recently on the basis that “These People make claims but Nothing ever happens”

I don’t blame people for actually believing this rubbish because generally it is quite plausible in nature and would certainly fool the naïve and innocent people among the masses, but I suggest people start to think in a proper manner and realise that such documents, if real and genuine in anyway would have definitely been marked “Top Secret” in line and in compliance with the official protocols on these matters.


Then suddenly, along comes another article as referenced below:-

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Reader, link: “Is NESARA for REAL? by Elizabeth Trutwin”

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Date: Wednesday, 23-Jan-2013 23:16:55

which, once again opens up a discussion on a subject that is non-existent and one that I have explained several times before. NESARA does not exist and is not legal.

However, let me ask one very poignant question, “How the hell is America going to pay for this so-called NESARA”. It is a country that is well over its head in DEBT which is increasingly expanding year on year. It is a country that cannot resolve its own financial problems and continuously blames everyone else for its problems. It is a country that cannot, and will not, face financial reality. It is a country that needs to drastically cut its Government expenditure and drastically increase taxes, but no it won’t because one Political Party of the other will be sent into oblivion forever. It is a country that constantly tells everyone else in the world what to do, whereby they sometimes forcefully ensure that other countries do as they are told. It is a country bordering on civil strife. It is a country that constantly tries to wriggle out of its obligations by working through Limited Companies and not the Constitution. It is a country that is using Mercenaries across the world to steal assets of the Collateral Accounts. It is a country who fervently believes that when it does things wrong it can pay its way out of the mess they create in other countries. It is a country who just wants to grab everything possible from everyone else and every other country, including assets of the Collateral Accounts, to get themselves out of the deep financial crater they have got themselves into and screw /to hell with the rest of the world.

What the hell. It is a country whose credibility throughout the world has been destroyed over the last 25 plus years.

There is only one organisation in the world that could afford to finance something like NESARA, and that is the Sovereign Entity known as the OITC, but it will not do it because NESARA is National to America which is just one country out of 203 countries in the world, where the OITC’s interests are with ALL the 203 countries not just one country; whereby America is certainly not worthy of receiving anything from the Collateral Accounts until America sorts its self out and returns EVERYTHING it has stolen or abused from the Collateral Accounts since 1945. To make it clear to everyone, that is Hundreds of Trillions of Dollars’ worth of assets, which is increasing day by day with the current activities, via Mercenaries, the American Navy and the Army, in the Philippines, Indonesia, Libya, and many other countries around the world.

For those who believe the rubbish these misinformation agents are putting out, get real and get to grips with the situation, because sooner or later the real truth will hit you hard in the face. You think it is hard in America now, it will get much harder. There will be NO ASSISTANCE from the Collateral Accounts until you prove yourselves worthy of it. I will say that I don’t believe for one minute that you will ever realise reality, nor will you be able to ever face it.


David P. Crayford.


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  1. Is it just me or is any info/intel that comes from a supposed WHISTLE BLOWER trustworthy? This person in the above article wants us to think rationally, ok let’s do that. After coming out as a whistle blower, YOU ARE NO LONGER IN THE LOOP so any info is suspect. This has always been a stumbling block for me when listening to any ” Whistle Blower” about Current Events. That being said, I do agree with one point and that is discernment needs to be exercised.

  2. I was not intending to discredit anything gathered While in the loop. I was talking about info gathered after becoming a whistle blower.

  3. Sounds to me like he’s a plant of the banksters. Still trying to convince us that we owe back all that made up money. Whether or not the documents are real isn’t the point to me. The point was his rant at the end. I’m suspicious.

  4. I was very sceptical when I first read anything regarding NESARA. For the past year I have been convinced that it is a figment of someones imagination, most likely the Cabal. It just doesn’t sit well with me. Everytime I read the word NESARA I think it’s utter rubbish. Anyway, if you listened at all to any of the ‘channeled messages’ over the last year and up to 21 December they all said that we get our ‘NESARA payments’ before that date, which rather speaks for itself. I truly believe it does not exist.

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