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  • We have used [the dark cabal bankers] fraudulent banking practices as the grounds for bringing in a new global financial system.
  • The cabalists’ hubris has forged a debt situation so massive that it has become the weight that will break the back of the dark power that has run roughshod over your world for centuries.
  • We have asked our liaisons and certain members of the surface world’s secret sacred societies to meet with these defiant ones to compel them to affix their signatures to an agreement allowing the new financial system to go ahead.
  • This will lead to the release of your prosperity funds. Also, the monies destined for specific recipients are all in position and will be sent out as soon as the banking agreements are signed and being properly executed.
  • To ensure that all happens within divine right time, a number of heavenly Beings, along with our…

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New Blog Pages for Bilderberg 2012

I created some new blog pages (see the menu bar) for Bilderberg 2012, taking place at Chantilly, Virginia, from May 31st thru June 3rd, 2012. I’m going to consolidate coverage of this event on these pages. I’m creating pages for each source, and posting either live streams or recent videos. These pages provide a starting place for finding out about Bilderberg. I will be travelling May 31st & June 1st, so I won’t be updating these pages as often as I would like, but I will do my best to keep it current.

Top Five Places Not to be When the Crash Comes

From most accounts, the economic collapse of the western world has already begun, over in Europe. It is expected the effects will be felt in the United States and Canada about two weeks after the collapse of the Euro.

The top-level central bank is the Rothschild-funded Bank of International Settlements (BIS), followed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank. The BIS funds all of the G7 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada). The World Bank and IMF hold third-world countries hostage by forcing them to accept genetically-engineered seeds (GMOs), on which they must pay royalties, to keep their money.

Be prepared. We will get through this. Freedom and Prosperity are waiting on the other side.

Preparing for Monumental Changes in the World

Source. 05/29/2012

It appears that the Iraqi parliament is poised now to issue an official no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Maliki.

At least five leaders of the opposition include Hakim, one of Maliki’s own party, who is said to represent many in his party. Last Sunday Maliki declared some sort of emergency and sent troops to intimidate the opposition leaders, but this only served to consolidate the opposition. It became glaringly apparent that Maliki was acting like a dictator and threatening anyone who got in his way.

This power struggle is coming to a head, and the outcome will directly affect the political and financial direction that the country takes. If they can overcome Maliki, then they could actually fill those last 3 important governmental positions that are necessary to have a stable government. Perhaps then they will be in a position to bring the value of their currency to where it realistically reflects its worth, based on the country’s wealth of natural resources.

I hear that some US Treasury officials confirm that the Iraqi dinar was nearly revalued twice in the recent past, and that another opportunity is coming shortly. It is not likely to happen prior to some stability coming to the Iraqi government, and right now they are in crisis.

It appears from related sources that the US dollar will be devalued at the same time, along with changes in many other currencies. The rumors of a very high revaluation of the dinar is probably due to this devaluation. A high dinar revaluation is all relative, because if the dollar is devalued, then the dinar could be revalued at a high rate compared to the devalued dollar. In other words, if the dinar revalued at $4 as the current dollar value, this would be the equivalent of $8 if the dollar value was cut in half at the same time.

Fulford says that the dollar will shortly be replaced by a basket of currencies that will replace the dollar as the world currency. That would be necessary in a dollar devaluation. The result would be that all imports, and all commodities priced on the world market, will suddenly cost a lot more. In other words, it would take more dollars to purchase those items, including gold, silver, oil, and anything imported from China.

For instance, if the dollar’s value were to be cut in half, oil prices would double virtually overnight. The same would be true of the price of gold and silver. In such a scenario, no one would lose their savings, but the purchasing ability of those savings would drop in half.

There are deadlines for these events, of course, but plans constantly change, so no one really knows precisely when this will devaluation will take place. It appears, though, that the event has reached the stage of inevitability. It is no longer a question of IF, but of WHEN.

People have talked for decades about the “collapse” of the dollar,” thinking that it would eventually become “worthless.” This overstates the case. If the dollar’s value drops in half, it is still not worthless. It is just worth half as much. In fact, if we compare the current dollar to what it was just 20 years ago, we can see that it has already dropped half of its value. The main difference now is that its value could drop overnight, instead of a gradual drop over 20 years.

Obviously, the government does not want to warn the public about this, because such a warning would only serve to speed up the dollar’s collapse. In fact, most people would not know what to do about it anyway. But a simple rule is this: when currency drops in value, it makes all things go up in price. This is called “inflation.” The only real way to protect one’s assets is to use the money to buy something that is sure to go up in value. The old wisdom of putting aside money into savings is foolishness in a high-inflationary situation–or when one’s currency is devalued.

Currency traders buy and sell currencies online all the time. They try to buy currencies that are going up in value, relative to the currency of their own country. If they are successful, their wealth is increased.

A lot of money is being managed by professional money managers who invest in stocks, bonds, and other dollar-denominated assets. Back in 2008, most of them lost a lot of money when the recession hit. They tend to believe the government reports and manipulated figures. Hence, they become casualties of government deception. Some of these invest in gold or silver, but it’s all on paper. A paper IOU is only as good as the ability of the other company to make good on the IOU. If a company has sold a lot of IOU’s of gold at $1600/oz, and the price of gold suddenly doubles, they would probably not be able to pay off their IOU’s at $3200/oz. Their bankruptcy would mean that their IOU’s are probably worthless.

For this reason, it is far better to buy physical gold and silver, and not be dependent upon someone else to make good on your paper IOU. Unfortunately, most money managers hold pieces of paper which they call “gold” or “silver.” The day will come when paper will be worthless.

Iraqi dinars are also a good currency, because it became relatively worthless in 1991, so it can hardly go down in value. Iraq’s national debts have been forgiven, and they are starting out with no national debt, except about $25 billion owed to Kuwait as war reparations. But their $65 billion in dollar reserves could cover that easily. Furthermore, a currency’s value is based on its natural resources and stable government. Iraq is one of the richest countries in the world. The dinar is well positioned to take over the dollar as the new world currency.

In my view, we are standing on the brink of monumental changes in the world. The world leaders have their own plans and agendas for the world, but God too has a Kingdom Agenda that will succeed in the end. The world leaders will be forced to follow the divine path that has been prophesied from the beginning.

The more we understand God’s plan and the manner in which world leaders are ignorantly following it, the better prepared we will be to come through these changes with a minimum of loss, and perhaps even gain. With or without our knowledge, these monumental changes will occur. I think we ought to be prepared.