2012 and Ascension: Coming Changes

What needs to happen before Ascension can take place?  Stated briefly we need to raise our vibration.  For that to happen, two things need to occur, namely the disclosure of UFOs and ETs by our governments, and the implementation of abundance programs, like NESARA.

As a species, we need to raise our collective vibration.  The dark cabal are no longer able to keep us in darkness.  We are now aware of how we have been manipulated through the illusion of lack & limitation.  We are waking up, realizing we are surrounded by abundance and that we are part of a much larger community.  In my earlier post, Changing the Narrative by Which we Live, we examine how societies collapse when people stop believing the narrative (story) in which they live.  The multitude of Occupy movements are shining examples of this, and I encourage each of you to join an Occupy movement.

How do we raise our vibrations?  Well, focus on things that make you happy.  For too long we were born into “The Struggle.”  That time is over.  Each of the dark cabal was given until March 31, 2012 (today) to surrender or change their ways.  Many of them have fled, thinking they can escape the justice that awaits them.  Starting in April (tomorrow), mass arrests of these who have been manipulating us will begin.  These negative elements are being removed from society, so they are unable to block our ascension to the fifth dimension.

To aid in raising our vibration, abundance programs (ie. NESARA) were created.  Through the implementation of these programs, all current debts will be eliminated, and will will all have the means to obtain all the material goods and services we want and need.  Part of this abundance program includes a new financial system.  This system is equity-based, not debt-based, like our current financial system.

Why does the disclosure of UFOs and ETs need to take place?  Simply put, so that we can clean up the planet and build a new society.  If global catastrophes do occur, many of these ships are prepared to evacuate as many of the population as possible.  Bear in mind that there is a growing consensus that catastrophic events are no longer necessary for earth changes to occur, but a lot of this seems to depend on whether or not the general population is made aware of the existence of UFOs and ETs.

If we are too avoid a global catastrophe, the disclosure of UFOs and ETs needs to happen, ASAP.

Earth Changes: Is Evacuation/Relocation Necessary?

In the last few days, we have seen conflicting information regarding whether or not a global catastrophe will take place, as part of the 2012 scenario.

This seems to  have been sparked by the following two blog posts on March 28th:

I’ve been processing this for a couple of days, now… I think all of us reading these messages agree that Earth changes are happening, necessary, and welcome. What seems to be up for debate is the extent, and rate of change.

We’ve been told that cataclysms are no longer necessary, from a variety of sources, including Gaia, herself. We’ve also been told that there are millions of spaceships surrounding the planet, easing us into Ascension, reducing the effects of solar flares, earthquakes, and other events that would create panic and fear in the global population.

One of my questions is “What will the impact of the disclosure of UFOs, ETs, the ark cabal, etc. be on our collective unconscious?” I think this is where we could possibly have an issue, as far as whether or not cataclysmic changes will take place. Would a sudden spike in negative thoughts & emotions be enough to allow these cataclysmic earthquakes to take place?

In undeveloped countries, things like automatic doors and wireless telephones still seem like magic. In the lives of devout religious followers, UFOs and ETs could be perceived as the negation of their entire belief system. I am 100% positive that reducing the negative impact of disclosure is part of the mission of our off-world brothers and sisters. Having said that, time is growing incredibly short.

Bottom line, I believe the channeled messages reflect the desire for the Earth changes to proceed without incident, and a certain level of uncertainty where our reaction to disclosure is concerned.  After all, no one can predict the future.  No even the Galactics.  This is due to free will.

Consider the messages that speak of the removal of ashphalt and concrete, replacing our square buildings with round ones; replacing our fossil fuel-based forms of energy with zero point energy; the rising of Atlantis and Lemuria; and the shifting of the poles so that the Earth’s axis is perpendicular to it’s orbit, thereby eliminating “seasons”; and the equator running through North America. It is hard to imagine all of these changes without the ground rumbling a little bit, isn’t it?

My reaction to the recent messages talking about safe-zones is not one of fear, but acknowledging the inconsistency with many of the recent messages.  I think understanding is clearly mandated in this situation. Many of us have come to rely on these channelings as sources of information. We still need to look at what is being said in the messages. The consensus seems to be that Ascension is upon us, and that time (as we know it) is about to change.  Also, we are surrounded by beings from the 5th dimension and beyond, who are here to assist us. Some of these beings are our family and friends from other lifetimes.

Many (if not all) of these helpful beings are willing to share their technologies. Together, we can prepare ourselves and Gaia for ascension.  What these beings can’t do is predict the future.

I suspect that the impact of disclosure could tip the scales towards or away from cataclysm. To me, this is where we need to take the reigns, and see to it that disclosure is welcomed around the planet, not feared. This is probably one of the biggest tests that those of use reading these blogs can face. The Galactics are certainly doing their part to increase the number and qualify of UFO sightings.

I also suspect there is more fear to be dealt with in the industrialized nations, where the masses have been programmed to react in fear, largely through mass media.

I submit that where  inconsistencies exist in channelings are where we need to focus our attention. Stated briefly, we need to focus on achieving an overwhelmingly positive reaction to disclosure. The challenge is to prepare those souls who are probably not reading these blogs, and who firmly believe that we ARE alone in the Universe.

David Wilcock Interviews DRAKE (March 29, 2012)

David Wicock interviews Drake, a pentagon insider, about the pending arrests of the banking elite.


DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section I — Defeating Financial Tyranny

DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section I — Defeating Financial Tyranny

Massive, unprecedented ET interventions are completely disrupting any and all plans to start World War III, according to multiple whistleblowers. This and other fascinating developments suggest that 2012 may live up to many prophets’ expectations.

What’s Going On? Ashtar Command vs. Gaia?

Earlier today, there was a blog post of a channeled message from Gaia, via Ute, in Australia.  In this message, Gaia tells us that catastrophic events are no longer necessary, since our species has sufficiently raised our consciousness.  The message further states that there are no longer any catastrophic events in Earth’s immediate future.  Hallelujah!

Later today, there was a blog post of a channeled message from the Ashtar Command, via Greg Giles, in the United States.  In this message, the Ashtar command advises us that a global catastrophic event will take place this autumn.  The message further states that safe zones will exist on the planet, and that we will all be given the opportunity to move to these safe zones before the catastrophe takes place.

These two channelings appear to be in direct opposition.  Gaia tells us that we have achieved critical mass, and that catastrophes are no longer necessary, or in the near future.  The Ashtar Command tells us that a catastrophe will occur this autumn.  Which one is true?  Who do we believe?  If both channelings are legitimate, why is the information provided so contradictory?  Essentially, these two messages appear to cancel each other out.

So many of the messages in recent weeks have been telling us that a global catastrophe is no longer necessary, because the cabal have been removed, and humanity has managed to raise it’s level of vibration sufficiently.  I have a really tough time believing the message from the Ashtar Command, since several other sources have been telling us the opposite it true, including Gaia, herself.

Once again, we are put in the position of having to wait and see, but I have to say, these channeled messages have suddenly lost A LOT of credibility, because they are in direct opposition.

If you have some insight into this matter, please share.

Thanks! :)