How The Swiss National Bank Almost Crushed George Soros ~ ZeroHedge

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 Submitted this morning by Andre…nice find, mahalo!
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Minutes after last week’s Swiss National Bank shocker, jokingly we mused:

… because there would be nothing more ironic if the man who “broke the Bank of England” ended up being FXCMed himself by another central bank, over two decades later and just as he was set to finally retire, at the age of 84, formally, something he supposedly announced in Davos yesterday.

As it turns out, we were almost correct, and according to the WSJ, Soros Fund Management, which manages more than $25 billion for investor George Soros, was betting against the Swiss franc in the fall before it removed those bearish positions.  Why did the Soros so conveniently take off a bet which, with leverage, could have resulted in massive losses for his hedge fund? The WSJ says he

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Legally blind mom sees baby boy thanks to new technology

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Feel good story for the day…

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WATCH ABOVE: A new eye device allows a visually impaired mother to see her newborn baby for the first time. Angiela Seth has the story.

TORONTO – Seeing your baby’s face the moment he or she is born is a cherished moment for every parent. Legally blind new mom Karen Beitz feared being able to see her baby was something she would never be able to do.

But on the December, 2014, day her son was born, Beitz looked right into his eyes. Thanks to new eye vision technology developed by eSight, Beitz has a chance to see.

“Seeing who he looked like and how big he really was,” Beitz says, recalling her first glimpse of her son. “He was chubby. He was very cute.”

Beitz has Stargardt disease, a genetic condition that causes macular degeneration. Beitz has a blind spot blocking the centre field of her vision, leaving her with only some peripheral…

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Switzerland De-pegs From EU And Joins China With An Offshore Yuan Trading Center- Episode 571

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The collapse of the Swiss franc is looking more and more like part of this game of moving economic power from the west to the east…

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x22 Report, Jan 2015

Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit More news visit Report date: 1.21.2015 Mortgage apps rise as sub-prime buyers are allowed…

Time: 47:30

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Laura Eisenhower – Liberating Gaia and Breaking Free from Dark Agendas (Ancient/SacredTeachings)

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I haven’t had a chance to watch this, yet, but Laura Eisenhower’s material is usually excellent. -LW

Originally posted on 2012 The Awakening:

Note: From my POV and experience over the last year, the information Laura shares here is spot on! In Nov 2013 I began to experience the Divine aspects of Gaia Sophia’s Serpentine/Dragon energy emerge.These are ancient energy’s returning to the surface as Gaia ascends.  Ask Her to guide you to the zero-point in the heart of the fetus of Gaia’s nearest womb chakra. Access these energy’s thru your sacral and root chakras, as well as your perineum and bring the energy up thru your chakra pillar to the zero point of your heart.That’s how I began instinctively accessing the sentience of Gaia, stricly under Her guidance and that of my oversoul. No channeling, no ascended masters or arch(on)angels involved in the process. Just pure Divine guidance..

Hope this helps you on your journey toward remembering your way back to the heart and teachings of the Ancient God/Goddess, Divine Mother/Father…

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Something different… After all we’ve learned about the Bush & Clinton families in the last few years, this seems almost comical…

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dJanuary 23, 2015

The Hillary Difference in 2016:

Arlin Report:

“This movie is a great history lesson, to some of us a refresher course. Academy award type performances, but not by actors…..everyone playing themselves; starring Hillary Rodham Clinton (no one plays her better). As usual Hillary plays the villain…… Watch Hillary go from scandal to scandal, lie to lie, crime to crime……controversy follows her from her college years to Little Rock to Washington and New York. Sit back, enjoy a drink and some popcorn and watch Hillary wiggle out of one train-wreck after another, escaping scenes that would land the rest of us common low life’s in prison.”

Not coming to a theater near you. Hillary, the Movie.

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“I’m So Ashamed” – Meet The Drone Operator Who Helped Kill 1,626 People And Walked Away

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Let’s hope this drone operator is the first of many to walk away from their jobs…

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The face of America’s unauthorized offshore wars has changed over the years, and these days it can most often be found watching the infrared screen of a terminal in some heavily-guarded air force base on US soil, operating heavily-armed, remote-controlled drones thousands of miles away, tasked with executing a lethal mission which usually involves one or more “collateral” casualties.

For almost five years, Brandon Bryant was one of those faces, and worked in America’s secret drone program bombing targets in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

He was told that he helped to kill 1,626 people, but as time went by he felt uneasy with what he was doing. He found it hard to sleep and started dreaming in infra-red.

What made him stop? “The actual breaking point happened when we were hunting an American citizen, and they were saying he was maybe the next bin Laden. This was an American citizen –…

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