Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, 30 Days Later (Alfred Lambremont Weber)

Part 1 – Alfred interviews Leuren Moret, who confirms that flight MH370 was shot down by the US, in Singapore airspace. They further discuss how this incident is part of a UK Inmarsat false flag psy-op to further five NWO objectives.


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What is Protandim?

If you haven’t heard about Protandim, you owe it to yourself to take a few minutes and watch this video.

Those who tell us faery tales about the “immininent” release of healing technologies can keep talking. Protandim is here, and it works. There is NOTHING on the market that does what Protandim does.

More Information.

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#BeTheChange: Join the Worldwide #WaveOfAction, this #GlobalSpring, and #ReOccupy

What is the #WaveOfAction?

Uploaded on Apr 5, 2014

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Ignorance-Testing, Not Drug-Testing – #BeTheChange


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#ReOccupy the World: #WaveOfAction Sweeps the Globe


April 4th, 2014

Anti-corruption activists launched a three-month campaign at hundreds of former Occupy locations to kick off their own ‘#GlobalSpring’ of social, economic and political reform.

The crowd sourced campaign will officially begin at approximately 16:00 GMT on Friday and is set to conclude in the heart of summer, on July 4th.

“On April 4th, there will be launch celebrations at hundreds of former Occupy locations globally. We will honor Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy of nonviolent action and spend the day connecting with allies and strategizing spring action campaigns,” an event organizer says in a statement.

As has become part and parcel of the Occupy movement, the group is low on concrete demands, saying that the campaign “will become what you, the people, make of it, self-organizing and organically evolving, a new culture will emerge.”

The campaign hopes to reoccupy all the 951 cities across 82 countries, which had seen an Occupy-inspired event at the height of the protest movement. New York City, the epicenter of the original Occupy Wall Street movement, along with London, Sydney, Amsterdam, Seville, Ontario, Johannesburg, Brussels, and LA are just some of the locations slated to take part in the global campaign.

This time around, organizers say 1,518 occupations are planned worldwide.


A series of nonviolent tactics “from large-scale mobilizations to small daily acts” will be employed. Those actions include: Mass gatherings, flash mobs, guerilla canvasing, sit-ins, strikes, civil disobedience, strategic defaults, debt strikes, foreclosure preventions, boycotts, ‘Anonymous’ operations and other forms of online civil disobedience.

Organizers have asked the public the spread the world via Twitter with the hashtags: #WaveOfAction #GlobalSpring #ReOccupy #BeTheChange.

Meanwhile, in Brussels police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters at a trade union rally that turned ugly. Around 15,000 people reportedly took to the streets in a march against austerity and unemployment. Initially, the trade unions expected to see 40,000 demonstrators rallying in Brussels.

Although Occupy activists have viewed the demonstration and subsequent police crackdown as part of their global day of action, trade union representatives have disavowed any connection with the movement.


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FOUND: Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

Flight MH370 at Gilligan's Island

Now, sit right back,
And you’ll hear a tale,
The tale of a fateful trip.
That started from this tropic port,
Aboard this tiny ship…
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Carl Boudreau’s Astrology for April, 2014


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Antioxidants are Killing You

The LifeVantage website is featuring a sample chapter from a forthcoming book, entitled, “Deadly Antioxidants” . . .

“Nrf2 Activation is the Future of Cellular Protection.”

“[The] Protandim supplement (milk thistle, bacopa, ashwagandha, green tea, turmeric) uniquely activates Nrf2 and reduces oxidative stress.”
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Canadian says ‘moral compass’ led him to solve unfair gaming of stock markets by high-frequency traders


Way to go!

Originally posted on Financial Post | Business:

Even though Canadian trader Brad Katsuyama had found the elusive answers to a question that baffled even the most powerful Wall Street investors, he had a tough time, at first, even getting a meeting in the executive offices of one of the top financial firms in the United States.

The Markham, Ont.-native worked in the Manhattan offices of the Royal Bank of Canada, a bit player in Wall Street eyes, and was armed with a degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, not an ivy-league pedigree school.

But after a few minutes with Mr. Katsuyama, it was clear he had cracked the code of the next frontier of finance: how some high-frequency trading firms game the stock-market system to skim profits in a fraction of the time it would take to blink an eye, and how his software could get around this.

“I think at first, when I walk into the office…

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Kevin Trudeau Jailed for Misleading Medical Infomercials, Creators of ObamaCare Still at Large

Note that Kevin Trudeau was convicted for his Infomercial, not his book . . .

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